Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Bloodborne - Gameplay - Worst Vet Ever?

So I finally caved and got Bloodborne at the weekend. All I seem to hear on podcasts recently is people gushing over how good it is. I have never finished a "Souls" game, I never made it past the second boss in Dark Souls II! This time though I hope to dedicate sometime to this and actually get through it. I hope!

So spent some time this weekend getting used to it and after a while it felt like I was starting to get the hang of it. I even managed to take down the Cleric Beast on my second attempt. Thats when I got it. Why people play these games. The sense of accomplishment. I felt elated that I had managed to take down this big nasty thing. I was doing something right and I started to feel more bad ass. Now I can roam around that starting area like a boss, finding shortcuts to new areas, taking down what ever monsters crawl out of the darkness and grinding Blood Echoes. It seemed I was getting the hang of it, until I met Father Gascoigne, that is.

I leave you with a little snippet of Bloodborne gameplay. I get the feeling that this hunter is not going to pass Vet School any time soon with his current bedside manner!

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