Monday, 16 March 2015

GTA Online Heists - The Flecca Job

With the launch of the long awaited Heist update, last week, I like many others returned to the streets of Los Santos looking to scratch that criminal itch. This time for me though, I managed to bring some friends along for the ride. My long time buddy, Catseyez joined me as we ventured into the first heist, a simple grab job on a out of town bank.

Each heist comprises of several mission in a story arc. To start of with you need to case and plan the score. Then come the preparation tasks before finally taking on the heist. This start off heist is for 2 players only and serves as a tutorial. After meeting with Lester ( the heist mastermind from the main game.) he takes you to the Fleeca Bank out on the highway and helps you case the place. Then we needed to grab a armoured car from the local gangbangers and whilst I was the driver, the other player acts the hacker and the driller for the heist.

With everything in place we set off to do bad things...

Having spent almost 3 hours the week before doing the Vault of Glass in Destiny for the first time, I can safely say that I had more fun in the 45 minutes it took to rob a bank, than in all of Destiny's centre piece. Due to time constraints I havent been able to go further into the heists mode, but what I have touched has propelled GTA Online to the top of my mulitplayer games.


  1. To start of with you need to case and plan the score.

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