Friday, 30 January 2015

PlayStation Plus Update - February 2015

Its that time of the month again, its time to find out what games are in the February Plus update. The last few months have seen the Instant Game Collection return to form. There is a worry that this month may drop in standard. Well I am pleased to say that you need not worry, its another fantastic month. Starting with two fantastic games for the PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4:

Apotheon - PS4

First up is Apotheon, a 2D action game set in ancient Greece. The game uses the same style of the Greek Pottery and looks phenomenal. In Apotheon, you take on the role of Humanity's last champion on a journey to the top of Mount Olympus where you must end the wrath of the Gods. The game is a Metroidvania style exploration game with action RPG elements. Its really shaping up to look really good and is great addition to the IGC.

Transistor - PS4

Next comes the next game from Supergiant Games, the guys behind the amazing Bastion. Transistor is a science-fiction action RPG using an isometric viewpoint. You play as Red, a club singer who comes into possession of the great sword, Transistor, which has also stolen her voice. Red embarks on a quest to recover her voice and find out more about the dead man she found Transistor with.
Combat is a turn based affair and apparently complex and strategic, whilst still keeping a fast-paced action experience. Transistor has been on my must play list for a long time and I am very happy it is finally on the IGC.

PlayStation 3:

Thief - PS3

PlayStation 3 owners also get their fair share of adventure, starting with Square Enix's reboot of Thief. Step in to the quiet shoes of Garrett, the master thief and enter The City, a gothic, Victorian inspired fantasy realm. The City is ruled by The Baron and with the rest of the wealthy upper classes sealed away in isolation. The rest of the population are being ravaged by a plague that threatens to wipe out every living thing. Garrett has returned to his hometown with the intention of stealing as much as he can from the richest citizens.

This new take on the classic PC franchise takes place 100 years after the events of the original. All of the series trademarks are still in place though. Like the use of different types of arrows and Garretts enhanced vision. The emphasis is still stealth at all costs and the open nature in which players can tackle each mission. It is a game I have wanted to play and never got around to it, now I don't have that excuse.

Yakuza 4 - PS3

Yakuza 4 was only released digitally last month and now its is part of the Instant Game Collection. Which is a great move by SEGA, as Yakuza 5 is coming to PS3 later this year in the West. The Yakuza series has a cult following of gamers. It seems to be the spirtual successor to Shenmue, with its open world and variety of activities or distractions. Following on from the events of Yakuza 3, this sequel now allow you to take control of several characters. Each character has their own storyline and attributes. I have never played a Yakuza game and I figure this is a good time to start.

PS Vita: 

Rogue Legacy - PS Vita/PS4/PS3

This is the first month that I no longer own a Vita, which is sad. At least this next title is Cross-Buy! Rogue Legacy is a 2D platform adventure, which was probably one of the best Vita games of 2014. Can you enter a constantly changing castle to uncover the secrets of your cursed heritage. Don't worry if you die though, your family will carry on your quest... again and again and again. This game is like a 2D version of Dark Souls crossed with Metroid. You will die a lot and that's fine, because with each death you get the opportunity to buy skills, new classes and equipment before going back into the castle, Every run you will feel like you are getting more powerful and deeper. If you haven't played Rogue Legacy yet, play it now! You will not regret it at all.

Kick & Fennick - PS Vita

I will admit, I don't know alot about Kick and Fennick. It is a platform shooter adventure about a boy called Kick and a robot called Fennick. The robot needs a new battery and the friends set of to get that battery for him from the Core Tower. It looks alot of fun, shame its not Cross-Buy.

Another great month to be a plus subscriber and heres hoping this carries on as we get further into 2015. Don't forget that if you haven't done so , this week is the last chance to get January's games before the new games hit next Wednesday.

In summary:
Leaving PS Plus:

4th February: inFamous First Light
4th February: The Swapper
4th February: Prototype 2
4th February: DuckTales Remastered
4th February: Woah Dave!
4th February: Duke Nukem: 3D Megaton Edition

Entering PS Plus:

4th February: Apotheon (PS4)
4th February: Transistor (PS4)
4th February: Thief (PS3)
4th February: Yakuza 4 (PS3)
4th February: Rogue Legacy (PS4, PS3, PS Vita Cross Buy)
4th February: Kick and Fennick (PS Vita)

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