Monday, 26 January 2015

And now the end is near....

There comes a time in life where you the a look at all the good times you have enjoyed and realise that now is a good time to part. I am of course talking about my PlayStation Vita! I spoke back in October on how I was considering trading in my Vita.  Thankfully Minecraft came out and saved the Vita for a few months. Now though it's sat in its  box,  wiped clean of all our memories and ready to go to Game.

The reason for this break up... the ex! Next month, Nintendo release the New Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL in Europe.  This new version of the 3DS features a host of improvements and help the overall console experience. Now boasting a new infra-red front facing camera, a faster CPU, NFC support, larger screens, extra shoulder buttons and the inclusion of a C-stick nub. Nintendo are looking to fix all of the problems of the original 3DS with this new model. Starting with the main selling point, 3D display.

The 3D on the original 3DS was a bit hit and miss. You had to look at the screen dead on or you lost the 3D effect with dramatic effect. This meant that most users eventually turned the 3D off for good. This New 3DS eliminates this with a 3D screen with a wider viewing angle and then uses the infra-red camera to track the users face and adjust the 3D accordingly so that the 3D effect never drops away. I have yet to see this myself, but the reaction from people that have used the system seems to be very positive.

With the newly added NFC support, Nintendo's portable system now supports Amiibo's! Amiibo is Nintendo's foray into the world of plastic figurines that can be used in game, like Skylanders. The figures can be used in Super Smash Bros. and are used to create a personalised fighter. There are more titles coming out later in 2015 that also include Amiibo support. Basically, its something I know better to get involved in, but oh my god they are so pretty!

The addition of the new C-Stick, well nub really, means that you no longer use the bizarre circle pad pro add-on in order to get a second control stick. Getting rid of the need for the Circle Pad Pro also means that the extra shoulder buttons have been incorporated into the new case design. The new faster CPU allows for faster loading, web browsing and faster downloads. All in all Nintendo have put together a great new version of the 3DS, which looks to fix the issues of the previous models.

So why I am switching back to a 3DS? Well, when I traded in my old 3DS for a Vita almost three years ago, the 3DS was in a strange place. It looked like it could fail and the titles were few and the release schedule looked poor. In the last few years though the 3DS has come back strong and there are a wealth of titles I would love to play. So its time for me to return to some old friends...

Oh yeah, cannot wait for 13th February, time get in debt to Tom Nook again!

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