Sunday, 16 November 2014

GTA V - Back to San Andreas... again!

It's hard to believe that just over a year ago I was happily living in the last generation. The PS4 and Xbox One were just about to launch, but I didn't care, I had GTA V on my PS3. GTA V was, for me, the light for those who couldn't jump on the next gen train straight away. The slice of San Andreas that Rockstar had given gamers in the twilight of the PS3 and Xbox 360, pushed the hardware to the limits. The world was the most vibrant and detailed world yet shown in a Grand Theft Auto game. I would spend hours just wandering around the streets taking in the sights and sounds. It was like being on holiday in my living room... with guns!

Now, a year later, I am writing this article with a shiny PS4 sat next to my dusty PS3 and a new version of GTA V is on its way to me. The Next-Gen (or should that be current gen now?) versions of Rockstar latest open world crime opus launches on Tuesday. The PC version follows in January, before you ask. This new version has the expected graphical upgrades to take advantage of the new hardware. High resolution textures, longer screen draw distances, more foliage and wildlife plus an extended radio playlist are all in this new version. Take a look at a comparison trailer which shows the difference between PS3 and PS4 versions.

Where other games that have made the transition from last gen to current gen would of stopped there, Rockstar have gone further. The biggest addition to GTA V is a fully functional First-Person Mode that allows the player to play the campaign and online games as if it was Call of Duty. This hasn't been a simple case of lowering the camera. Rockstar have created all new animations for everything from looking at your phone to hot wiring a car. The shooting mechanic has been changed to include "down sights" aiming that is most modern FPS games. Every vehicle has been upgraded to include fully working dashboards and instruments from everything to cars, boats and planes. It has the potential to completely change the way you play GTA.

GTA Online has also been upgraded and now allows up to 30 players in online matches and free roam. That will definitely up the carnage quota. All of the DLC that's has been added to GTA Online since its launch last year are also included in the this new version. Also a brand new character creation tool promises more customisation of your online avatar. Finally, the promised addition of online heists is going to be the next update after the launch of the PS4 & Xbox One versions of GTA V.

Existing players of GTA V on Xbox 360 or PS3 can transfer their online characters to their new version (providing the move is within the same console family) and also can expect some additional perks for their return to Los Santos. New cars, planes, weapons and challenges and some very special unlockables.

So I am getting ready to welcome Trevor Phillips and his insanity back into my life. I can't wait to ride that roller coaster all over again (Also, I cant wait to ride the actual roller coaster at the pier!).

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