Monday, 17 November 2014

Destiny - The Greatest Grind

Destiny has been in my life now for two months and I thought now was a good time to write about the game. Hopefully by now everyone knows what Destiny is. In case you don't know though. Destiny is a Sci-fi Shooter with MMO elements, from the makers of Halo. The main story of it is well... erm. Ok so theres this sphere thing on mars, thats not on mars anymore it came to earth. On ther way here though it made all these planets liveable on. The Traveller (Sphere thingy) has enemies, called the Darkness and they have come to kill it, but mankind has stepped up to defend it, but we are losing the battle. Thats where you come in! Although you have been dead for long time, but now you are alive but dont ask too many questions about that.

Ok! I think everyone has had a moan about the lack of story telling in Destiny. It is kind of all over the place and no amount of Peter Dinklage spouting in ear about Hive Minds and Kells is going to help it. At least Bungie have made sure that this a possibilty of a Computer AI gone mad storyline. We all liked that one in Halo. As well as storyline issues, there have been alot of complaints about the content and the lack of it. In the run up to release, marketing people gave the impression that you would be travelling between the planets in the solar system with battles taking place in a wide variety of locations. In the final game we got four planets with about six or seven story missions in each. A couple of harder co-op missions called strikes on each planet and the Vault of Glass, a six man Raid on Venus. Some would say that this isnt the game that Bungie promised.

Destiny sure has its fair share of problems right now. So how come I havent stopped playing it for the last two months with every spare moment I have. Its because with Destiny, Bungie have hit upon the same thing they did with Halo. 30 seconds of fun and repeat. The mechanics of the game are perfect whether it be combat, movement or traversal. The appeal of boost jumping into a mob of enemies and shooting and meleeing them just doesnt wear out.

Having reached the level cap of 20 about 2 weeks after the game launched. I have been getting my grind on. The end game of Destiny allows you to reach level 30, but purely based on the Light rating of the armour you wear. This means getting the rarest helms, chest, gauntlets and leg armour and upgrading it to the maximum. I have made it to level 28 without actually completing the raid.
So every day I have been logging on to the game, heading to the social hub, The Tower. Collecting the daily bounties, little missions that vary from killing a specific target to earning 9000 xp without dying. These bounties improve your Vanguard reputation, which earns you benefits and gets you legendary items. Then there is daily mission to do, which earns you the materials to upgrade these legendary items. On top of this there is the weekly strike and nightfall, much harder versions of story strikes with high end enemies and high end rewards. It is all very repetitive, but it never gets dull or boring. Every day I log back in, meet up with some people in and go shoot alien bad guys and have fun.

In a few weeks the first expansion is released adding new story missions, new strikes and new raids. I can see myself playing Destiny for a long time to come. After writing something a few months back about not ever sticking with a game for the long run. It looks like I have found the game I was looking for.

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