Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Minecraft PlayStation Vita Edition - First Impressions

So last week, I wrote a piece expressing my doubts over the future of the PS Vita. Well, its amazing how much difference a week can make. Minecraft finally came out last week on the Vita and I have been sucked back into it on a new level. This yet another version of a game that has appeared on all Sony platforms but is best suited to the Vita.

Being able take my world with me where ever I go and just dipping in and out when I have a spare 5 minutes is perfect for Minecraft and it has allowed me to go to new depths (pun intended). Smelting iron, growing crops and baking bread are now all common activities for me.  Not bad for someone who has only ever used creative mode to build towers of TNT. Maybe its the Destiny grind rolling over into this, but I just filled a chest with almost 1800 cobblestone to get a trophy.

The other fantastic thing about having Minecraft on the Vita, is that the school run has changed forever. I have uploaded the Little Gamers PS3 worlds over to the Vita and they can now jump in on the way to school.

Of course you might expect that there would of been a lot of compromises
when bringing the console version of Minecraft to a handheld. The only one I can find is that the draw distance has been reduced, but not to a point where the game feels too different. My only wish would be that you could cross save between PS4 and Vita. Of course, I know that because of the world sizes being so vastly different it will never be possible.

It just left for me to recommend that if you own a Vita and have not got Minecraft for it yet... get it! If you have never been interested in Minecraft before, I urge you to give a whirl on the Vita. It may just change your mind on the game. That's enough of me blathering on about it. I have trees to chop and buildings to create, maybe you can join me!

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