Monday, 29 September 2014

Little Gamer Update - Completing the game - a new challenge

I have a problem with the way I play games. I have to have them day one. I am that kind of impulsive person that needs to have the new shiny thing.  This isn't an issue for the most part,  except that I tend to throw whatever I was doing to one side and that never return to it.

Most Gamers have a pile of shame,  games that sat unopened waiting for the day when they are finally released from their plastic prisons and thrust into a console to complete their purpose.  my pile of shame is worse than that,  my pile is full of half finished games and some of the victims of this are shameful.

The Last of Us - Not only did I leave this game unfinished on the PS3. It now looks like I might do the same for the Remastered version on the PS4.

Mass Effect 3 - After spending hours of my life following the exploits of my Commander Shephard through the entire of Mass Effect (twice) &  Mass Effect 2, I barely made it a third of the way through the final chapter of it.  I actually still don't know what happens at the end.

Grand Theft Auto V (well actually GTA San Andreas &  GTA IV as well)  - always get around 60% - 80% through these games and get distracted.

Bioshock - Got to the twist reveal - then lost interest.

Now that I am spreading my gaming across PS4, PS3 & ps Vita it's just getting worse. PlayStation Plus is partly to  blame as the monthly 6 free games add a huge chunk to  library every month. Most of these hardly get a look in at all.

Now it's that time of year again, the big games of 2014 are all coming in out in the short amount of time between now and Christmas. Normally I would be planning which of these title I was going get day one and which to leave for the Christmas list. Not this year though.

I am going to try my best to own a few games and play the hell out of them. Actually invest some time in the games I buy and not just try to race through them as quickly as possible, then using them to trade in for the next game and never finishing them.

What better way than to start this philosophy than with 3 new games! Now I know this kind of misses the point of clearing my shame, the 3 games in question are games that I hope to put hours and hours into. What are they though?


Yep several years late to the party. I am being taught how to play Minecraft properly by my 7 year old daughter. I always thought it would be the other way round, but kids knowledge of this game is scary! Anyway after delving into survival mode I can see that this game is going to be a long term game which I can drop in and out of.

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition:

Diablo III is another one of those game that I owned barely scratched surface and then traded in. Now it is back in my lie thanks to the newly released ultimate evil edition on PS4. With the addition of the expansion pack, Reaper of Souls and new shiny 1080P graphics, this game looks to provide hours of content. I am already blasted past where I got the first time round and I loving every second of it. Diablo III is a immense console experience for a game that I thought would not work outside the PC realm.


Finally, Destiny! Yes it's he game that everyone is talking about at the moment and whether you like it or not, everyone is still playing it. I had no interest in Destiny up until I played the Alpha first look, earlier in the year. Then the Beta on reinforced what I already knew. Bungie were making a game that could very well hold my attention for the 10 year plan the have been saying they have.

I am still chasing Level 20 with my Warlock. Once there the full endgame experience begins. I cannot wait. Destiny has hooked me in to a degree I did not expect. I hope that Bungie don't let us down, because right now I am totally on board.

So I have found some games that need me to invest in to get the most out of them. Most importantly I want to do it as well. After this, well I guess it's time to put The Last of Us to bed and so on and so on.

Wish me luck!

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