Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Little Gamers Update - The one where I forgot to post

Erm, Hi! Remember me? We used to hang out a few months back... Yeah that's right, I would write about gaming and you all had to just read my opinion and accept them. Guess what, I'm Back!

So what excuse have I got this time or letting the site slip into almost obscurity. Too much work? Too much home life issues? Nope, for a change it is none of those problems. The reason I haven't written a post for so long is that I have been seriously gaming and having an absolute blast doing so.

I have been enjoying the next generation of gaming. It all started with Watch_Dogs back at the end of May and has been non-stop ride up until the Destiny Beta which ends tonight. It's been certainly been an exciting couple of months and I want to start things off by writing about it all.

As I said earlier, this big gaming bonanza kicked off with Watch_Dogs. In case you have not been hit by Ubisoft's hype bus in the months leading up to release in late May (the chances of that are pretty bloody slim). Watch_Dogs is an open world game set in Chicago, which puts you in the boots of Aiden Pearce, A criminal hacker turned vengeful vigilante.

The unique selling point of this game over other open world games is that you have either ability to hack the city to your advantage. In a smart twist of today's digital life, Watch_dogs ask the question, what if a city was run by a operating system that was linked in to everyone? Be that via CCTV, Social Media and Web browsing. Then what if someone hacked into that system and could use it to access your bank account or read your email at the touch of a button on a smartphone. Take it a step further with that hacker being able to control the city itself, control traffic lights, stop trains and hack into CCTV feeds.

The game caused a bit of controversy when the game released when Gamers around the world were disappointed that the final games graphic quality was not on par with the demo shown two years ago at E3. I tried to stay clear of this arguing as I was enjoying the game too much, but it it did mean that I viewed Ubisoft's Assassins Creed Unity footage from E3 with a little bit of scepticism. Anyway, Watch_Dogs is great and one of the very few occasions that I have dipped into season pass territory.

E3 came and went by. That's all you could say about E3 this year after last years big Next Gen battle. There are lots of fantastic looking games heading to consoles that look amazing and incredible, but very few of those I will actually get to play this year. The big thing to come out of E3 was the chance to experience Destiny. I managed to spend a little time with the Destiny Alpha and it was incredible. I had not really bought in to Destiny up until then mainly due to the lack of information and the involvement of Activision. I am happy to say though that the brief time with the Alpha was enough for to slap down a pre-order for it and get Beta access as well.

Of course, as I write this I have now also spent my time with the Beta and played a hell of a lot more Destiny. After all this, I simply cannot wait to get my hands on this game on 9th September. Bungie you have done a hell of a job (much better than BF: Hardline which I played once and thought, Meh!). I actually now only have interest in grabbing and playing Destiny over the crazy release period leading up to Christmas.

Somewhere in between all this stuff going on , I have also been heading back to WWII (or alternate timelines of it) with Wolfenstein: The New Order and Sniper Elite 3. Wolfenstein is a breath of fresh air, after seemingly years of very serious military shooters. It takes everything back to the simpler time of FPS where the only skill you need was the ability to run and gun, whilst circle strafing. That is not to say that its all old style. The game looks amazing on PS4 and absolutely flies along. The storyline of an alternative timeline where the Nazis won with the use of mechanised soldiers is great and the telling of it is reminiscent of a Tarrantino movie.

Sniper Elite 3, I have had not had a chance to play that much, but the premise of it is you get to shoot people in the face from a distance and see it all in over the top x-ray style cutaways. Like this...

Before you ask, Yes you can get DLC that allows you to shoot Hitler in his testicle.

That kind of brings up to now, where I am have just started getting stuck in to The Last of Us: Remastered on the PS4. A game so fantastic that I figured it was worth not completing twice. This time it has been made even more difficult to get to the end because I keep stopping every 5 minutes to use the games excellent Photo Mode tool and produce shots like this...

The only other game that has me completely hooked is Rogue Legacy, which finally came out on the PS4,PS3 and Vita last week. All I am going to say is if you own any PlayStation platform and you do not already own this game, buy it now! You will not regret it. Simply put it is what Dark Souls would of been if it was a Megadrive game.

So that is why I have not been posting a whole lot recently and do you know what, I had a blast.

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