Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Lets play a game of good news, bad news. Ready?

Good News: There is going to be a new Batman: Arkham game this year!

Bad News: It won't be until the end of the year.

Good News: It will be the first Next Gen Batman game!

Bad News: It will only be available on Next Gen consoles and PC.

Good News: The Batmobile will be a drivable vehicle!

Bad News: No mention of a playable Bat-Boat.

Good News: Rocksteady are back behind the development!

Bad News: This is the finale of the Arkham series!

Yes, Rocksteady are back in the Bat-Seat and steering the Caped Crusader to the thrilling climax of the Arkham series. Featuring an larger open world Gotham City and a new look Batmobile to get to grips with things are looking very good for Batman Fans. Take a look at the reveal trailer...

Warning: HYPE Alert

Oh my! It looks like the series is back with a bang! I personally found Origins to be good but not great and Blackgate was okay after the two month wait for a patch to fix a game breaking elevator bug. Arkham Knight looks to be bring the best of what we love of the series with the right amount of new toys to play with as well!

It gets better! Pre-Order bonus for Arkham Knight sees you able to play the game as another character and this time its everyones favorite side-kick, Harley Quinn!

As someone has already pointed out... it looks like she lost the baby weight (she was pregnant at the end of Arkham City). Also featured is the cover art which has moved away from the stylised black and white of Arkham City and looking much more like Chris Nolan's Dark Knight.

Needless to say, seeing as the Arkham franchise has been my most loved franchise of the last 10 years... More coverage to come on Arkham Knight as it becomes available. That won't be too long as the game is exclusively featured in this months Game Informer magazine.

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