Sunday, 2 March 2014

Playstation Plus - March 2014 Update

This months PlayStation Plus update has seen a few people start to freak out a little bit. Sony left it quite late in the month to announce what we are getting this on 5th March. The advantage to this is that PS4 owners now get this game on the same day as everyone else. Which is nice if you one (It's my birthday this month...hint hint). So what can we expect this month. Will it match the quality of the last couple of month offerings?

Let's start with PlayStation 4. Housemarque know a thing or two about making a good game. Their last was PS4 launch title, RESOGUN, which many consider to be the PS4's best launch title. Their latest game hit both PS4 and the Instant Game Collection is Dead Nation: Apocalypse. Take a look at the first trailer for it.

Dead Nation: Apocalypse is a top-down shooter, set in a zombie infested apocalyptic world. The game features a full campaign mode, The ‘Road to Devastation’ expansion is included too, giving you two extra game modes – Arcade and Endless, allowing you to test yourself against ever increasing odds. Also include in this is the standard co-op modes and also the ability to us a mobile companion app. Not sure if this game will see the level of success as RESOGUN, but sure is another fine game from Housemarque.

Moving onto PlayStation 3 and there are another brilliant pair of games added to the IGC, this month. Starting with one of 2013's best action adventure games and the return to form of a gaming icon. I am of course talking about Crystal Dynamics reboot of Tomb Raider, the game that took on the Uncharted series to take back the adventure crown and gave it a good run for its money.

Re-inventing Lara Croft and making the game more of a survival story showing her frailties was an interesting angle in the run-up to the games release. In reality the game quickly sped away from these elements before the body count reached almost Die Hard 2 levels. Thankfully, Tomb Raider was one of the best action games of last year and one I have been meaning to revisit. So this is welcome addition to PlayStation Plus. Well, at least until I can play the PS4 definititve edition with extra hair tech!

Next up is a game I have meant to play for along time and by all accounts one of the best gaming experiences of 2013. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a unique game, where you control two brothers at the same time using a thumb stick for each brother.

They set off on an epic quest to retrieve water from the fabled Tree of Life, so that they can save their sick father. Their journey will be full of puzzles, challenges and quests. Be warned though, I have heard that the ending can be quite emotional. *sniff sniff*

PS Vita gets a good month in March and actually gets two games I have not owned at all. First up is Pixeljunk Monsters: Ultimate HD edition, a tower defense game which has quite a cult following from the PS3 version.

As Tikiman, you must protect your helpless babies from waves of incoming monsters. You'll build weapon towers in the right places and at the right times in order to kill enemy monsters. You can grab coins and gems from fallen monsters to spend on building more towers, upgrading existing towers, or research towards powerful new towers.

This is a game that I have almost bought several times, but then backed away as I am not a huge fan of the whole tower defense genre. So this will be a great opportunity to give it bash and see if I can get into it.

Finally, Vita owners get Smart As!, the worlds first socially networked brain training game. Or as I see it, how let all your friends see how stupid you really are. lets take a look at a trailer full of hipsters...

To be honest, this looks like it is going to be a lot of fun and I think the TwoLittleGamers are going to love this.

So that rounds up another month of gaming goodness on the amazing PlayStation Plus. At least March is another quiet month for games, with no big releases at all. Right?

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