Monday, 24 February 2014

Little Gamers Update - This time, We're back!

Hello one again to another Little Gamer update, hot on the heels of the first proper article to hit the site since November. Been a few reasons for this as I explained in previous updates, I had a little break which turned into a long break. After Christmas though, I found myself in a bit of a gaming malaise. The arrival of new tech saw my attention diverted away from gaming. Also, since the release of the next generation of consoles, I have been looking at my PS3 rather differently. I want it to be a PS4, but it doesn't seem to have the courtesy to actually turn itself into one. The cheek of it.

So what has brought me back to the site after this time. Well firstly (I should get this out of the way first), I have a new blogging set-up that has made it easier for me to start updating the site more frequently again.  The simple addition of a physical keyboard to my Nexus 7 has made it easier for me to sit and type. It also allows me to plug in a Xbox controller for some gaming fun!

The ultimate mobile blogging rig

It would be fair to say that that my new Nexus has taken up a lot of my time. On my weekly commute to London the Vita has been staying at home for the last few weeks, as I currently using the time to read books on the tablet and I am ploughing through the first Game of Thrones novel. Away from the commute and thanks to a 30 day trial of Netflix, I am trying to watch all of Breaking Bad before it runs out. Gaming on the tablet though is a different story. I have tried various games on my Nexus and the conclusion I have come to is that the majority of mobile games are shallow and unrewarding. They all seem to assume one thing, that I will love their game so much that I will blindly ignore common sense and spend my hard earned cash on pointless micro-transactions, that allow me to buy some add-on that should already be in the game. So don't expect Two Little Gamers to turn into a mobile gaming site just yet.

Yes, Tapped Out... I am looking at you!
Whilst, I was having my gaming slump, Betsy Lou has been growing as a gamer at a rapid pace. Early February saw her reaching the grand age of 7 and with it came a glimpse into the life of a modern child. I remember when I was a youngster, we had Star Wars parties and maybe a disco party with a magician. On her birthday, Betsy Lou invited her friends from school for a birthday tea, which actually turned into a Minecraft party. They all huddled round the Xbox in the lounge with two controllers and a new world to explore. One of the eldest kids there, took the role of architect of this world and happily gave orders to the other players about what they should be collecting and building. Of course, after a while this led to a minor mutiny and some of the group went next door to my office where they started playing the trial version of Minecraft on the PS3. It was a wonder to behold to me, but also very scary. It turns out that I know nothing of Minecraft and I found the knowledge of a 10 year old on this game to be jaw dropping.

One day, I will do this... one day!

The aftermath of the party has lead to Betsy Lou abandoning the safety of creative mode world, complete with hotel, castles and rainbow bridges and entering into her own survival world. In case (like me), you have no idea I am talking about, Minecraft is meant to be played in Survival mode. In this mode you are dumped in the middle of a new world with no tools, resources or shelter. You have until sunset each day to perform the task at hand to ensure your survival. At night, the world fills with all kinds of monsters and creatures which are all very hazardous to the player. So, you need to build a place to hide for your first night and then look at collecting resources (wood, stone etc) crafting them into tools or building blocks and building your base in this world. It is a good exercise in time and micro management. Naturally after a couple of days in survival mode, I asked to look at her world and was surprised to see that her top priority project at the time was to get enough stone to finish off the roof of the indoor swimming pool! There are more complex things that you can do in Minecraft now, such as breeding animals, growing crops, potions and enchantments. I can't comment on those much as I am waiting for the 10 year old to come and teach me about it!

No, I have no idea who or what a McStuffin is.
Littlest gamer, Boo has been hooked to her LeapPad as normal, thanks to her Doc McStuffin game. She has been busy helping to cure sick toys and currently has over 100 friendship stars. I am told that this is a big deal. She has also been starting to embrace the PlayStation controller and has taken the first steps playing Disney Infinity. Speaking of Disney Infinity, did you know that you can download the PC version of Disney Infinity from their website for free? If you have the collectors cards from your figures you can import them into the game using the code on the card. The PC version seems to be quite a good way to do serious Toy Box creation. You can get it from here!

100%... Woohoo!
So finally that leaves me. Well, the gaming slump is at an end. After spending a long slog at Lego Marvel Superheroes on the PS3, I finally earned my first Platinum trophy of 2014. Since then I have completed inFamous, made a start on inFamous 2, dabbled with GTA Online and discovered Hearthstone and Twitch broadcasting. More on Hearthstone and inFamous 2 in the coming weeks on the site. Finally, my Vita is getting some love again, after getting Ys: Memories of Celceta this week. An Japanese RPG (or JRPG. if you will) with beautiful graphics and a no nonsense action combat system. It really has clicked with me, more so than any other JRPG of recent years. So I am really looking forward to getting stuck into this. The Vita may even get its place back on the weekly commute this week!

That kind of wraps things up for this update. I promise to keep posting this time and hopefully have some more articles and news stories as the weeks go by. Thanks to all who have stuck with us.

See you on our next adventure!

The Little Gamers.

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