Thursday, 9 January 2014

Little Gamer Update - The Christmas One

So, Christmas brings lots of wonderful things. Like spending time with your family, eating all the things you have spent all year avoiding and of course several tonnes of rubbish. In a gaming household though, Christmas means the joy of new gaming and this year has been a bumper holiday Two Little Gamers HQ. Normally it's me who enjoys this gaming bonanza, but this year the Little Gamers have been stealing the show. This is thanks to all the new Disney Infinity stuff they got from Father Christmas. they got Play sets and power discs, but most importantly they got Princess figures. I have to admit that running around their various toy boxes, smacking anyone who crossed my path with Rapunzel's frying pan is very fun.

So, I did not get to see much of my PlayStation 3 over Christmas, which meant that new games like Beyond: Two Souls and Lego: Marvel Super Heroes are sat there mostly unplayed. Which isn't to say I have done any gaming, I also got Lego: Marvel Super Heroes on the Vita and have been enjoying it very much. Although it is a totally different game to the console version (Much to my initial disappointment), it is actually the best handheld Lego game so far. Taking a isometric view, similar to Diablo, Lego: Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril is a very different game to the open world console big brother. The emphasis is on short levels with a series of additional challenges on each of the 45 levels used to unlock golden bricks. The golden bricks are then used to unlock the next set of levels. I suppose in a way similar to other mobile games like Angry Birds. It's excellent to just pick up and play when you only have a few moments to spare.

The main toy of Christmas was my Wife buying me a new Nexus 7. Seeing as my laptop died a few weeks before Christmas I desperately needed something for work. So I spent most of the break getting my tablet ready to become the ultimate mix of work and play. You can't just fill your new tablet with work and productivity apps, so I am back into mobile gaming. That means Tapped Out is back in my life. EA's Simpsons based micro management town sim is a total waste of time. Except, it is probably one of the best wastes of time I have ever come across. Especially with the Christmas themed update turning your Springfield in to beautiful snowy treat,  complete with new quests and prizes to be won. I also have to confess that I have loaded confectionery based social puzzler, Candy Crush Saga on to my Nexus 7. Just for research purposes. Turns out its actually good fun and has led me to similar types of games like Frozen Freefall. 

So that was the Little Gamers Christmas of 2013. 2014 is now among us and what will you do your new year? I have decided that 2014 is a year to improve myself, both mentally and physically. Improving my coding knowledge, maybe even studying to boost my career. Then getting on my bike and trying to get fit. After all that, if there is time maybe just look at clearing that game backlog.

Well, you have to set at least one unrealistic goal!

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