Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Lego Marvel Super Heroes - Launch Trailer

Those lucky Americans! They get their hands of the latest LEGO blockbuster today. Meanwhile in Europe, we have to wait until the 15th November. Never mind though, we can console ourselves by enjoying the new launch trailer for the game. In all its Stan Lee goodness!

Now for the bad news. Although I had been told that the PS Vita version of LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes was based off the home console versions and not the 3DS port. Thats not true it appears. On the Vita and 3DS the game is known as LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes - Universe in Peril and is an isometric Diablo-esque game using the levels and scenarios from the main home console version. There is no free roaming open world, just levels.

Of course there is good news as well.... It still looks like a great game on its own merits. Have a look at this gameplay video posted by YouTube user Marc The Geek.

Its not what Vita owners wanted, but it still looks like good fun.

LEGO videogame of the year smashes its way into UK retailers from 15th November on practically format available.

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