Thursday, 17 October 2013

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes demo available now!

In case you don't already know. The demo for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is out now on both Xbox Live and PSN. You really need to grab this demo and give it a go as it could be the finest LEGO game to date. The demo allows you play as Iron Man, Hulk and Spider-Man as they take on Abomination and Sandman in Grand Central station. The demo gives just a glimpse at the full game and the how well realised the abilities of the Marvel heroes are.

Iron Man can fly with ease whilst firing laser blast and missiles. Spider-Man's web swinging and spider sense. Hulk though is the most fun character in the demo. As a new big figure, he can smash his way through groups of enemies and pickup large objects and throw them. Best of all though, hold down a button to calm down Hulk and transform back to Bruce Banner.

The care and attention shown to this much loved universe is brilliant and I have high hopes for the other 147 characters that are playable in the full game. That's right 150 characters in total (80 in the Vita version). That's a whole load of heroing to get your hands on!

Take a look at this as well, the LEGO version of the poster for Thor: The Dark World. This accompanies the announcement that a special downloadable character (DLC) pack will be available for LEGO  Marvel Super Heroes at launch.  The Asgard DLC pack will include eight playable characters, all of whom are also featured in the film.

LEGO® Marvel™ Super Heroes on November 15th for Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3, Wii U™, Nintendo 3DS™, PlayStation® Vita, and PC. The game will also be available for Xbox One® and PlayStation® 4 in November.

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