Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Batman: Arkham Origins Week - Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of our Batman: Arkham Origins week. After yesterday's 17 minute gameplay video (see it in full here), Lets take a look at the cast of Gotham's criminal elite that are out to kill the young Caped Crusader on snow covered Christmas Eve.

As Gotham's premier crime lord, Black Mask has seen his empire suffer from the actions of Batman. He is not the kind of man to take this lightly and he has put a contract out on Batman's head. The terms are simple $50,000,000 to the person who kills the Bat! An offer like this is bound to attract the attention of some pretty nasty people. Kind of like this bunch of killers, criminals and mercenaries.

Deathstroke, a veteran merc and expert hitman. Slade Wilson joined the US Army at 16 and excelled wherever he was sent and this ended with him being transferred to a secret experimental military programme and was endowed with superhuman speed, strength and healing. Deathstroke is an expert in all weapons, but he prefers close combat with his sword.

Copperhead is a mystery, reports of someone using the moniker Copperhead point to a man. This Copperhead is most definitely not a man, but is possibly even more deadly. Agile, ferocious and may even be poisionous. Copperhead seeks to trap a Bat in her jaws.

Deadshot, another ex-military expert turned mercenary for hire. Deadshot has just one ability, but it is a good one. He is the best shot in the world with any firearm. He often uses impossible techniques and ricochets to take out his targets. His lack of self regard often leads him to take huge risks to make things challenging.

Before Venom transformed him into monster, Bane was still still every bit as formidable. His large build and strength along with his training makes him almost unstoppable. Not much more is known about this mercenary.

It maybe the worst snowstorm Gotham has seen in years, but at least this guys is here to bring a little heat.Firefly, a pyromaniac with over 70% burns over his entire body. He now uses a suit that slows him to fly and a military Flame thrower. A wise man once said that some my just want to watch the world burn, Firefly is one of those.

Anarky, a techno terrorist turned bomber. Anarky has moved up from social media anarchist to bomber. Although he is not the most wanted or dangerous of Batman's foes this Christmas Eve. His spread of bombs across the city need to be stopped before he causes serious damage,

That just leaves Gotham's over crime lord, Oswald Cobblepot. Batman's activities have hurt his operations just as much as Black Mask's and there is nothing that Penguin wouldn't do to have The Dark Knight put off the streets forever.

Looks like Batman has his hands full with all of these people coming at him at once. At least it could not get any worse for him. Right?

Ah yeah, I forgot about him! 

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