Tuesday, 10 September 2013

GTA V - One week to go...

This time next week, I will at Game Watford waiting patiently to collect my pre-order of the most anticipated game of the year, Grand Theft Auto V. The next day is booked off work in preparation for an all night session in the beautiful sunshine of Los Santos. Though in these final days before the release, the wait can become unbearable. The advertising ramps up, the streets start to fill with promotional posters that may or may not hint at game details.

Then there are the professional games journalists that have been privileged enough to actually play the game and find it hard to let littlest of details out to gamers. As well as those naughty hackers that like to find details in source code files of pre-order PSN downloads. Finally Rockstar themselves are in full hype mode and their fantastic travel site for Los Santos and Blaine County is almost complete and holds so much information about different aspects of the game. These snippets of info are likely to make the mos cynical of gamers, salivate to get their hands on a copy.

So what can you do to survive the next seven days. Well, I am have decided to take the time to familiarise myself with the streets of Los Santos, by playing the PS2 version of GTA: San Andreas on the PS3. How about a radio show dedicated to GTA.Well tune into Absolute Radio on Sunday night for a very special show...

The Grand Theft Radio Show with Pete & Lazlow
Absolute Radio on Sunday 15 September, 8pm
Lazlow gets his own radio show on the eve of the biggest game launch of 2013. He'll be chatting with listeners and playing some classic tracks from GTA games gone-by. Pete Donaldson will be desperately trying to keep things under control.

The only other option is to trawl the Web every day for slightest snip or clip of anything to do with GTA V. To get you started, have a look at this video showing some of the in game TV adverts. The usual Rockstar brand of satire is delivered in its usual unsubtle approach. Its part of why we love GTA.

This leaves me with another chance to link to talented rapper, Dan Bull and his truly amazing gaming raps. In particular his GTA V rap from last year.

Hope this next 7 days are kind to you all. Its going to be tough, but it will be worth it!

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