Wednesday, 11 September 2013

GTA V - 6 Days to go (Spoilers)

So the internet is buzzing with any snippets of information that frenzied gamers can aquire regarding GTA V. Yesterday saw someone post the full game map that they scanned from the official guide. Do you want to see it?

If you don't look away..... NOW!

Looking at the map in detail you can see that there are two airports (maybe 3), a power station, a huge lake land area, a prison (jail breaks?), lots of rural area including parks, rivers and hills. Even a desert area. The actual city of Los Santos looks tiny in comparison, but rest assured that Rockstar have stated in the past the the world area will be as large as GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption and GTA San Andreas combined, which is huge. Some internet speculators have said that the map is the equivalent to  49 sq miles.

Learn this map well, because in six days you are going to be in the map!

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