Friday, 13 September 2013

GTA V - 4 Days to go

Later than planned, but here is todays entry in the countdown to GTA V. Thankfully a busy day at work has kept me occupied and away from forums like neogaf. You see its out there now. Several people are not only playing but capturing gameplay from GTA V. Rockstars copyright Ninjas have been in full effect over at Youtube and no sooner than a video goes up, it goes down in seconds.

As always the interwbe finds a way. This time Vine and Instagram video seems to be free from Rockstar's grip and both services are filling up with 7 or 15 seconds snippets in to the world of Los Santos. Many of these started by showing various aspects of the game like vehicle damage, pedestrian bashing and of course Dog sex (yes, really). Then soon after the videos started showing actual story spoilers and that is where I tuned out.

Best clip I have seen is one showing a guy sitting a soft top car and pressing a button to lower the roof. The way that roof lowers into the boot is a thing of beauty and testament to the level of detail you can expect in any Rockstar game.

Now I have to go and bury my head under a pillow to stop me from watching spoilers!

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