Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Spelunky finally arrives on Vita and PS3 today

After weeks of waiting,Spelunky is finally arriving on PlayStation Store today for PS Vita and PS3. Spelunky, in case you don't know, is a platform game with lots of caves and monsters. What sets Spelunky apart from the rest is that the levels are randomly generated and every time you die you will face a new challenge. Also the levels can be huge and are also totally destructible.

Spelunky will be available as Cross-Buy on both PS3 and PS Vita, but it is the Vita version that most people are waiting to play. This will be the first time the game will be available on a mobile platform. Also, as with Hotline Miami before it, Spelunky should be another indie title that is "Best on Vita".  In mulitplayer or co-op the Vita version has a unique feature in the player's screen is not tied to the "leader", meaning that you can move freely around the level without having to stick close to your fellow players.

With Cross-Play also supported you could download the game on your PS3 and Vita and play ad-hoc mulitplayer. The other thing to mention is that for a limited time, PS Plus subscribers get a 20% discount.

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