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Infinity Week - Day 3 - Meet the characters

Today on Infinity Week, its time to look at the figures themselves. These figures are highly detailed models that once placed onto the Infinity Portal transport the character into the game world. At launch there are 17 figures available. 3 of these are included in the starter kit, the rest are available as either single figures or in multi-packs. In the first wave of figures the focus is on The Incredibles, Monsters University, Cars, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lone Ranger.

The Incredibles:

Mr Incredible - Dedicated to saving the world, Mr. Incredible uses his super strength and super combo attacks to vanquish Syndrome! 


Use Mr. Incredible's brute strength to defend the city from Syndrome.

Embark on a super adventure to destroy the domes and rescue the townsfolk before time runs out!

Mrs Incredible - With her super-stretch skills, Mrs. Incredible can whip across town, yank objects closer and swing up buildings. Evil-doers beware!

Mrs. Incredible can pilot copters, squeeze around corners and flex her way out of danger. Use her long arm of the law to pick up and return blockheads to the park, or get more points for bringing criminals to the police station.

Violet - She has done her fair share of protecting and her plasma shield is perfect for the job. Her power of invisibility also comes in handy for avoiding trouble.

Shield yourself, sometimes defence is the best attack.Violet's powerful force field is supremely effective in a battle.

Use Violet's super agility to gather as many of the collectables as possible while avoiding the spotlights.

Dash - Play as the fastest kid on the block, Dash. Don't just fight super villains, run circles around them with your superhuman speed.


Steer Dash quickly out of harm's way and deliver a barrage of hits and combination moves in quick succession! Speed around in a blur to avoid the red and blue balls while gathering the collectables.

Syndrome - He's the flame-haired fanboy and self-appointed nemesis of The Incredibles. Join Syndrome in his campaign to take over the city and put the The Incredibles in danger's way. What happens is up to you!

Battle across the cityscape or just chill out in your evil lair. Get up to no good by picking up and throwing blockheads to the surrounding rooftops. Hit a bullseye to get bonus points.

Monsters University:

Sulley - The big, loveable future scarer is in training at the Monsters University Play Set. Bust a few cycling moves across campus, set up traps for unsuspecting monsters and avoid lectures.

Creep into the rival campus at night and scare some University guards.
Use those big ol' hairy arms to take out as many Paintballers as possible before time runs out.

Mike - Join the campus clown in the Monsters University Play Set. Use a megaphone to scare rival monsters, study being sneaky or just let Mike perform his signature jig.

Mike can sneak and scare with the best of them. What more do we need to say? He's a blast. Get Mike to grab as many DISNEY INFINITY pickups as time allows with yellow worth the least, red the most and orange in the middle.

Randall - When it comes to creeping into the rival campus for some scare-­worthy sabotage, Randy is the sneakiest in the Monsters University Play Set.

Randy is an expert at tiptoeing behind security guards before scaring the daylights out of them. Randy is in his element; sneaking past the enemies and gathering as many of the collectables as possible before time runs out.


Lightning McQueen - Whatever the task, Lightning McQueen is quick to react. Whether he's jumping a canyon, trailblazing through desert or towing another character in the Cars Play Set, nothing slows him down.

From the springy suspension to the roar of his engine, Lightning McQueen is geared to go for high-speed racing, and stunts. Zoom off to gather as many of the collectables as possible before time runs out.

Mater - Don't judge a book by its cover, Mater might be a bit rusty, but he's also got power under his hood. He's built for towing too, so he's one of the more helpful vehicles in the Cars Play Set!

Versatile, fun and the world's best backwards driver. Take the good-hearted local yocal on a mission to tow as many of the stranded Tourist Cars to their destinations as possible before time runs out.

Holley - Holley Shiftwell is as sharp and smart as she looks. Trained for any terrain, take Holley for a spin and she'll make even the hardest corners in the Cars Play Set feel like child's play.

Enjoy a classic spy mission to destroy as many of the enemy targets as possible before time runs out, gathering new weapons as you go.

Francesco - Top European racer Francesco thinks he's the hottest thing since wheels were invented. With his high-speed racing and gadgetry, the sleek Italian car is Lightning's chief rival. Francesco can zip around the Cars Play Set and still have enough juice for showing off afterwards.

Is he as hot as he thinks he is? Well, yeah. Take this mediterranean motor around the track to complete three laps as quickly as possible.

Pirates of the Caribbean:

Captain Jack Sparrow - Captain Jack in an epic adventure of pirates, treasures and sea battles. Lead him on his merry and slightly unbalanced way across the Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set. Savvy?

Captain Jack Sparrow's bounty-grabbing adventure challenges you to gather as many of the collectables as possible before time runs out.

Barbossa - He's a master swordsman and a powerful character to wield. Barbossa is the much-feared, mutinous ex-first-mate of Jack Sparrow and fun to play in Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set.

Take what you can, give nothing back. That's the way to play his game. Defeat enemies and gather the collectables they drop, take what you can before time expires and give nothing back!

Davy Jones - The demon of the deep, Davy Jones is feared by all who sail the seven seas. Beware of the sword-fighting feats and writhing tentacles of the Pirates of the Caribbean villain.

Ship across the bay, jump ashore to fight with your cutlass or explore the port. Shiver me timbers, Davy's adventure will have ya defeating enemies and collectin' as many DISNEY INFINITY treasures they drop as possible before time expires!

The Lone Ranger:

The Lone Ranger - There's never a dull moment playing the smart-shooting, masked man of justice. Even with the odds stacked against you, you can use your climbing, riding and bullet-ricocheting skills to win in the Lone Ranger Play Set.

Ride 'em to take out as many enemies as possible before the time runs out. Enemies on horseback are worth more points.

Tonto - He's the intelligent, Tomahawk-throwing partner of the Lone Ranger and always fun to play. Tonto is excellent on a horse, a feared adversary and quite stylish with his crow headgear. A spirit warrior who is as fast as he is agile. Tonto can throw his Tomahawks with deadly accuracy and outride any outlaw who dares to trouble the town of Colby.

Get your moccasins movin' to collect as many of the Infinity pickups as possible before time runs out.

A pretty impressive lineup to start the Infinity collection. That is not all though! The second wave of figures are already on their way and will be launched in October. There are quite a few fan favorites in there. This is just the beginning and Disney Interactive are planning regular updates of figures, playsets and Power Discs. There is every chance that this could even see this expand in to other Disney owned franchises like Marvel, Muppets and maybe Star Wars.

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