Monday, 19 August 2013

Infinity Week - Day 1 - What is Disney Infinity

With the UK release of Disney Infinity only a few days away. Two Little Gamers is going to dedicate this week to this incredible new game. Let's start with the simple question... What is Disney Infinity?

Disney Infinity is a complicated thing. Collectable figures, virtual playsets and power discs, all combining into a videogame based sandbox via a portal device connected to your games console. Simply place a figure on the Infinity Portal and Presto! They are in the game for you to play with. So far its all very Skylanders, right? Wrong! Disney Infinity then takes the genre to a new level by adding Playsets and Power Disc's.

The Playset blocks fit in the back section of the portal and allow the user access to a themed world full of fun and mission. Plus it unlocks special themed items to use in the creation mode called "Toy Box". Place a  Power Disc underneath your figure and you unlock a special power for them to use. Place a hexagonal Power Disc under your playset piece to unlock objects, vehicles, or even new themes for your Toy Box.

The Toy Box mode is where the real action takes place. Players can create and design their own themed worlds full of activities they can design and share with the friends and play with them. Whether it be creating a football game or a race track, even a flying race. The possibilities are endless (which is also the tagline for the game) and with the addition of more Characters (the second Wave is coming as soon as October) and new Playsets and Powers, Kids and adults can look forward to playing in Infinity for a long time to come.

For more a detailed explanation of Disney Infinity and how it all works, check out this video from PlayStation Pure's YouTube channel.

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