Saturday, 31 August 2013

Disney Infinity - A week later...

With Disney Infinity across shop shelves for just over a week now. Surely you couldn't of missed it. The Supermarkets are stacked with Figures and Playset packs. The price war is in effect as well, with most supermarkets selling the starter kit for 360 and PS3 at £52.

In case, you are sat on the fence, wondering on whether to invest and need more proof that Disney Infinity is the game that you and your family need. Have no fear, help is here. Thanks to YouTuber Dried Moss, who has done an indepth playthrough of his first hour in Disney's Interactive Toy Box. If the amazing introduction tutorial doesn't win you around to this game, nothing will. It is pure essence of Disney.

Hope you enjoyed the video and we look forward to providing the latest in Disney Infinity news as the game expands.

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