Friday, 19 July 2013

Batman: Arkham Origins - Comic-Con reveal

Comic-Con International in San Diego, is well under way and in between the hordes of fanboys and cosplayers, WB Games Montreal held a little screening of what to expect in Arkham Origins later this year. Detailing new skins for Batman, including exclusive PS3 Knightfall and "Sixties" Batman costumes.

There was also a new trailer showing one of the eight assassins brought in to Gotham by Black Mask to kill Batman. That assassin is Copperhead and looking quite a bit different from the comic books.

You may of noticed that Copperhead is now female and also the costume has changed quite abit. Look at the original Copperhead...

Looking at her reveal trailer, she certainly has some moves on her and looks to be quite the opponent for young brash Dark Knight.

More coming soon...

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