Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Little Gamer Update - Overload!

We just got back from a glorious five day break at Disneyland Paris. I say break and boy do I mean it. I am broken, the Little Gamers are coming down from a serious Disney High and since we got back on Friday night, we haven't moved from the house until today. I stupidly took the Laptop with me, thinking that I would be able to get some work done on the website in the evenings. Wrong! I was barely able to play the Vita long enough to get anywhere in my slowest ever playthrough of Persona 4 Golden.

So it was with some relief that, after driving back from Paris to UK in one hit on Friday, I would be able to relax and maybe even catch up with some much needed gaming. Until I realised that Sony have screwed me over again. I had forgotten that the June's PS Plus update had gone live whilst I was away and I had not one awesome adventure games but four waiting to be downloaded. Kingdoms of Amalur has been a game I have been keen to play since its release, so I have been instantly hooked with this game. ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are up next and I didnt realise that they support remote play via the Vita, so I have spent some quality time playing ICO in bed. Then last night I tackled Demon Souls, the precursor to Dark Souls, a game I never got in to before now.

This isn't going to help me complete my unfinished playthroughs of Bioshock Infinite and The Walking Dead (not to mention the shelf of un-started games). Luckily though, June is a quiet month and there isn't a lot coming out that I need to concern myself with. Whats that, The Last of Us is out next week, aww crap!

Naughty Dogs latest blockbuster The Last of Us hits the shelves next week and the hype is really building for this one. This should be a day one game for any PS3 owner and certainly looks to be something incredible from the creators of Uncharted and Jak and Daxter. Speaking of Jak and Daxter, Vita owners get to enjoy the original trilogy as it is released on the 21st June as well.

Before all of that though, Remember Me is out this Friday, which has taken me completely surprise. In the midst of all of this next gen talk and sneak peaks at Ubisoft's Watch_Dogs, I had forgotten that Capcom's Sci-Fi hack-em-up was out before E3. Set in a future where we share our memories as easily as facebook posts. Think Strange Days but in Neo-Paris in 2084. You play as Nilin, a memory hunter who has had her memory wiped (oh the irony!). The game is getting good reviews, but the sci-fi style and look is bound to win over a cult following. As well as the usual third person platforming and climbing, combo based combat (with ability to create your own combos), there is an interesting element to the game. At certain points of the game you will enter remix mode. This allows you to view a targets specific memories and change their perception of those events by interacting with objects inside the memory. Very similar to Ghost Trick on the DS. Remember Me should definately be worth a look before The Last of Us hits next week.

I wish someone could alter my memories so that I thought I had already completed my backlog of games. Until then, back to grind!

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