Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Little Gamer Update - Houston, We have a gamer!

So the end of another Bank Holiday and for a change the weather was glorious. We took the Little Gamers away for the weekend, which meant plenty of time to catch up with some Vita action. As you would of seen by the un-boxing video earlier, I picked up Soul Sacrifice for the Vita. Whilst it has a very good plot, interesting characters, amazing art style and is one of the best looking on the Vita. Although, I feel like I'm missing something, like I missed the tutorial or something. I think the combat is good, but I don't feel like I am connecting with it. Hopefully that will improve shortly and it will suddenly click.

Needless to say, getting Soul Sacrifice put my Persona 4 Golden play through back even further. So that's another JRPG to add to list of JRPG's I have to complete before the end of 2013, along with Ni No Kuni, FF VII and FF IX. I don't think I will really get time to finish these by 2023, never mind the end of this year.

On other gaming fronts, I am struggling to get through Bioshock Infinite. It's the same thing as my experience with the original Bioshock. I found the opening great and I know everyone is raving about the ending, but somewhere in the middle, I lost interest. Admittedly with my new found gaming rule of playing everything on hard, I am having some issues with a certain Lady Comstock. I got to the last fight with her outside Comstock House, kept dying until I got annoyed, switched off the PS3 and I haven't been back since.

This has not been helped by the arrival of Injustice: Gods Among Us and I currently trying to put together the review for this and also maybe a giveaway for a PS3 copy of the game... stay tuned.

Meanwhile on the Little Gamer side of things, I have big news. Looks like Betsy-Lou (eldest) is ready to
move away from Just Dance Kids and Disneyland Adventures. She has taken an interest in a certain video game that goes to prove that she has great taste just like her old man. She has taken to playing Okami, Capcom's cult classic action adventure, about a God in the form of a White Wolf who saves the world from darkness. Naturally, the gorgeous art style and colours really appeal to kids, with it looking like a living watercolour painting. As soon as she discovered there was a button that made Amaretsu (the wolf) bark she was hooked. I have to admit that she hasn't got very far in to the game, as she loves running round the opening village and talking to everyone, because she thinks the voice sound effect is very funny.

All of a sudden though, Betsy-Lou finally gets video games. She has just started playing the original Sonic the Hedgehog and has expressed an interest in me teaching her how to play Minecraft. She wants to build a castle, as mine wasn't very good (did not help that I blew it up in a bout of boredom). I could not be happier and to top it all off, Boo-Jam (youngest) loves to help me play The Unfinished Swan. Although, we are not very far in, I can tell that both Little Gamers are going to enjoy this game very much. Set in a world, where everything has been painted white, you only have your paintbrush to help you find your way through the world and find the Unfinished Swan, which has run away from you. It is really beautiful how you can affect the game world by throwing black paint around to discover shapes and objects hidden in the whiteout. Take a look at it in action.

Well thats about it for this update. Plenty to come this month and hopefully some more videos on the brand new YouTube channel (Click and Subscribe!). Also, did I mention that the Facebook page is starting to get noticed too... (Like it Here). Finally, have a great time gaming and don't forget that there are many games out there that you and your kids can play together!

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