Monday, 29 April 2013

Watch_Dogs - Trailer, Release Date + Editions revealed.

Ubisoft have announced the release date for the anticipated open world hack em up, Watch_Dogs. 22 November see the game released on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC. Currently, the only word on firm next generation versions is that the PS4 version will be available at the launch of the console. Expect a firmer details on Next Gen Xbox release after Microsoft's big reveal in late May.

Along with the release date announcement, a new trailer has been released showing gameplay footage and the first hints of backstory for protaganist, Aiden Pearce, 39. Personally, as a 39 year old man myself I think it is about time that the 39 year old demographic was represented in the videogame hero role more!

Midlife crisis aside... take a look at the trailer below.

As if that wasn't enough information to take in, the range of special editions has also been announced. From the simple special edition to the fully stocked DEDSEC edition, there is something there for everyone. Take a look at the editions below.

Special Edition features:
Digital content: 1 single player mission

Vigilante Edition features:
Aiden Pearce’s cap
Aiden Pearce’s mask
Original soundtrack of the game
Digital content: 1 single payer mission

DEDSEC Edition features:
A 23cm Aiden Pearce Figurine
DedSec Collector box
Watch_Dogs Artbook: artworks and illustrations that inspired the game
Original soundtrack of the game
Watch_Dogs map of Chicago
Set of 4 collectible cards: discover Watch_Dogs iconic characters through augmented reality
Set of 3 exclusive badges
3 single player missions with up to almost 60 minutes of additional gameplay

I know where my money is heading and that is to the Vigilante edition. It seems every game released has to have a limited figurine with it and it is nice to see a special edition with something different. Plus that hat is sweet!

More news will follow on this massive new IP from Ubisoft and if it doesn't we will hack it out from somewhere.

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