Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Croods Prehistoric Party - Review (3DS)

This game is suitable for Little Gamers

The latest big animated film to hit the screens over Easter is The Croods. From the creators of How to Train your Dragon, The Croods follows a family of Cave-people on a quest to find the paradise, "Tomorrow" after their home is destroyed in an earthquake. The movie tie-in game takes a direction you may not expect.

The Croods Prehistoric Party is a party game set in The Croods universe and not a platform game based on the films storyline. The game features 30 mini games ranging from rock bowling, egg football  and many more. The 3DS version does a great job of featuring all of the games featured in Wii and Wii U versions. The main difference is that the 3DS is single player only. Surely, this is a mistake for a Party game? Well, not as much as you would think. The Croods stands up well as a single player game. The mini game nature of the it does mean it is great to hop in and out of.

You can play the mini games separately or you can play in Tournament mode, where you take on other members of the Croods clan in series of games in order to see who is the overall winner. You earn Prehistoric points for games you win and these can be used to purchase unlockables, such as artwork from the film and bonus mini games.

Technically the game isn't as detailed as it home console counterparts, but it is a very pretty game. Lots of colour and lots going on screen in the majority of games. The use of 3D isnt the best, but it is not missed in this type of game at all. The Croods is a perfect game for the Little Gamer in your life. Lots of Fun in short bursts that will keep them coming back for more for weeks to come.

The Croods Prehistoric Party is released on Nintendo 3DS, DS, Wii and Wii U on Friday 12th April.
Pegi Rating: Age 7 and Up


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