Monday, 22 April 2013

PlayStation Plus - May Update

Next week, the next batch of titles are added to the Instant Game Collection on the PS3. After last months adventure heavy month of titles, May sees a varied mix of games on offer. First up is the best bald headed killer in gaming... Agent 47.

Hitman: Absolution is a brilliant entry into this long running series. 47 gets involved of the protection of a young girl, who seems to have been experimented on in the similar way to he was. Featuring the trademark style of open game play that allows you to approach each hit from different angles. Take your target out using stealth tactics like poisoning food or sniping from afar, or a more direct approach, garroting your prey in a secluded spot. My Personal favourite is to take the time and care to make it look like a tragic accident. Opinions were divided when this came out late last year, but I thought it was an excellent game and one I will look forward to playing again.

Next up is a strange one. Catherine is best described as a part platform puzzler, part horror game and part social dating game. Following hapless hero, Vincent, a man who has started having nightmares since his girlfriend, Katherine mentioned marriage. Enter the seductive and mysterious, Catherine, who Vincent ends up sleeping with. So begins Vincent's psychological decline as he tries to balance two women at the same time and try to decide which one is right for him. How does he do this... By climbing a series of nightmare puzzles in his underpants with a sheeps head. Of course! Catherine has all the makings of a cult classic and is wonderful, if not confusing and bizarre experience.

Finally the third game is this months selection is the action adventure Malicious. In Malicous, you assume the role of a ‘spirit vessel’ summoned into the world by the Prophets to vanquish evil. Armed with the Mantle of Cinders – a cloak that can absorb power from destroyed objects and shift form – you wage battle with the Malicious. Basically, it looks like a lot of chaotic over the top fighting with loads of enemies and plenty of bosses to sink your teeth in.

Vita owners, once again you havent been overlooked. this month sees not one, but two shoot em ups added to the Vita Game Collection. First up is Sine Mora, the critically acclaimed shooter from Digital Extremes and Grasshopper. The action is frantic and everything you expect from a side scrolling shooter. With two story lines running at the same time featuring a father on a revenge mission for the death of his son and the survivors of a race looking to strike back at the empire that almost destroyed them. Also it looks amazing, even more so on the Vita's incredible screen.

Then you have Velocity Ultra. A HD reworking of the much loved PSP Mini title. This time it has reworked graphics, reworked controls to include the Vita's features, the addition of trophy support and PSN leaderboards. If you haven't experienced this teleportation shooter now is the time to get on board.

So, as always just to recap what is in and what is out in the month of May.

Leaving PS Plus in May:

1st May: Okami HD
1st May: F1 Race Stars
1st May: Quantum Conundrum
8th May: Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward
22nd May: Thomas Was Alone

Entering PS Plus in May:

1st May: Hitman Absolution
1st May: Catherine
1st May: Malicious
8th May: Sine Mora
15th May: Velocity Ultra HD

Happy gaming! see you next month for another bunch of free games for you to play!

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