Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Guacamelee! - Out this week on PSN

Out today on PSN for both PS3 and Vita, comes Guacamelee!, the latest game from DrinkBox Studios, creators of Tales from Space series. Guacamelee! is a Metroid-vania action platform game featuring a gorgeous graphic style, based on a Mexican theme. The game follows the adventures of Juan, a farmer who has fallen on hard times. Only his love for El Presidente's daughter keep him going. So when the Evil Charro kidnaps her and kills Juan, theres only one thing left to do. Get resurrected as a mystical Luchador and set of on a quest to rescue her.

This quest will see Juan shift between “The World of the Living” and “The World of  the Dead”. The dimension shifting gameplay adds an extra element to both platforming and combat, as some barriers and enemies can only be encountered in certain worlds.

The combat system is based around performing combos and looks to be a pretty decent and deep system for a game of this genre. The fights are fast and furious and with addition of new moves and powers Juan can really kick some undead Mexican butt. Plus, did I mention you can turn into a chicken? That's right a chicken!

Surely, that's the deal breaker right there!

On top of all this Guacamelee! is a cross-buy title, so you buy the PS3 version and get the Vita version and vice versa. It also supports cross-save between the PS3 and Vita. Guacamelee! will be available today for £9.99, with a 20% discount for PS+ subscribers for two weeks from launch.

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