Sunday, 28 April 2013

Beyond: Two Souls - Tribeca Official Trailer

David Cage took to the stage of the Tribeca Film Festival to reveal the first extended public look at Quantic Dream's latest cinematic epic, Beyond: Two Souls. His demonstration featured a 35 minute section of gameplay showing a portion of Jodie's life. She is living on the streets, alone and freezing in the harsh winter. She falls in with a group of homeless people who take her in a look after her and show her the ropes of how to survive on the street. As the demo progresses, Jodie feels part of the group and helps them find money for food (cue amazing guitar scene), defend one of them when they are attacked by a gang of thugs and help when one of the group goes into labour.

 As someone who got a PS3 just 4 months ago, the first game I got on the system was Heavy Rain. I was a huge fan of Fahrenheit on the Xbox. I thought that Quantic Dream were pushing the realm of video games into a art form. Heavy Rain blew me away, the attachment that they were able to create for these digital characters was so well done that I had to stop playing the game as it was affecting me emotionally.

From the 35 minutes shown at Tribeca, Quantic are about to take the emotion to new levels. I sat there watching the stream of this gameplay and I forgot I was watching a game. I was drawn into Jodie's world and through some clever interactive and story line segments, you immediately not only feel connected to the main character, but also the gang of people around her.

After the gameplay demo has finished, Cage unveiled the official trailer for Beyond: Two Souls. You can watch the trailer below. For the first time, we get to see the larger picture of Jodie's life and what you as the player can expect to be involved in. Child experimentation, CIA training, seduction, betrayal, missions in foreign lands, all leading to life on the run from the CIA/Military. Needless to say, if are a PS3 owner and don't have this on your radar for this year. Now is the time to change that. If you don't have a PS3, you have plenty of time to get one and play Heavy Rain before experiencing Beyond: Two Souls.

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