Monday, 25 March 2013

Assassins Creed IV - First Gameplay Trailer

Ubisoft have unveiled the first Gameplay footage for Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag today. The trailer features two minutes of gameplay showing off the game world and further introducing Edward Kenway.
Seeing as Kenway is a pirate, it is no surprise then that the trailer features the sea quite heavily. Along with several beautiful shots of your ship at sea, the updated naval battles are on show here. Its not all life on the high seas though, as it shows off some of the underwater exploration and deep sea diving (including shark punching!).

Havana and Kingston are shown briefly as well as  what is described as "Uncharted" islands, which hold individual mysteries. Sounds like Edward may want a piece of Nathan and Lara's pies. Combat features heavily and Kenway certainly seems to be a dab hand at dual wielding pistols. His swordplay is not bad either and seems to grace of an Assassin with the brutality of a Pirate.

Enough of me spouting about it, though. Just watch it!

Looks rubbish, right? (at 1:10 I could of sworn that was Guybrush Threepwood of Monkey Island fame)

If that wasn't enough to whet your appetite for grog and adventure, Ubisoft have also announced four special editions, with exclusive content and extra special treats.

First is the Special Edition, which is only available through Game in the UK and XtraVision in Ireland and promises additional content at launch.

Then there is the Skull Edition, which features a Steel case, artbook, soundtrack, two single player missions and other in-game content.

Then there is the Buccaner Edition. This version has all of the content of the Skull Edition, in a nice collectors box with an third single player mission and a statue of Captain Edward Kenway (looking very Errol Flynn... Christ! How old is that reference!).

Finally the Black Chest Edition features a World map, two canvas prints, the steelbook, the artbook, the soundtrack, 2 lithographs, the three single player missions, all of the pre-order in game content, an even more awesome statue and an actual Black Flag. Oh and it all comes in a big Black Chest, hence the name, Black Chest edition!

So lots to take in there. Luckily, you have until 1st November until the game releases on PS3, Xbox, Wii U, PC and Next Generation consoles.

Should give me enough time to finish Assassins Creed III and the Tyranny of King George DLC.

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