Sunday, 17 March 2013

Little Gamers Update

Lots has been happening recently, so I thought it was time for an update. The balancing act that is Full Time work, gaming and writing a website is proving more interesting to maintain at the moment. Particuarly, when I am two thirds of the way through the Uncharted trilogy of games. The back log of games to play is currently massive. I think I currently have enough Playstation and Vita games to last me until well into 2014.Secretly though, I am loving it! Highlights are finally getting to grips with the God of War series, via the HD collection and also experiencing the true remote play experience on the Vita, which will be an important feature with PS4 games.

I turned 39 yesterday, or entered my 40th year as my wife keeps reminding me. I had a lovely day and got some great presents. Although this added Persona 4 Golden (Vita) and Tomb Raider to the pile of things to play. I also seem to be challenging myself more and more to go back and get trophies and playing on hard difficulties. Thanks to the PS+ inclusion of Mass Effect 3 this month, I have also decided to replay the entire series on the PS3 now as well.

As for the Little Gamers, they are both gaming away happily on various devices. The Leappads are still the ruling platform for them. Betsy Lou got the Brave game for Christmas and she has been glued to it since. It is actually a little adventure game, following the storyline of the film. The player has to guide Merida around various locations and solve puzzles. These puzzles are all based on questions about animals, plants and all things nature. I have to admit that these games for the LeapPad are getting better and better and the kids absolutely love them (whilst actually learning without realising it!)

Apart from that, Just Dance Kids gets a lot of playtime. After an unfortunate disc snapping accident with their review copy of Just Dance: Disney Party over Christmas. I picked up a cheap copy of Just Dance Kids in the January sales for them. With 40 songs of varying annoyance (including such tunes as the Gummi Bear song, Im Gonna Catch you and Whip My Hair). The Little Gamers love them and have spent quite a few hours dancing around our lounge to them and even learnt the songs and routines to perform away from the game. It is another huge testament as to how, when properly implemented, Kinect can be a really great gaming peripheral.

Ni No Kuni though has really captured a place in their hearts. They love to sit down and watch me play it and love to follow the story of Oliver and Mr. Drippy in The Another World. Not since Ocarina of Time have we played a game together that they have identified with the characters and world. They are impressed with everything about the game, with Boo commenting that it looks like CBeebies (biggest compliment a 3 year old can make). Although, I have been told that I can only play it when they are there, so they do not miss out on anything. This is leading to the longest play through in history.

Apart from all of this, I have been busy trying to update the look and feel of the site and hope to implementing some new changes in the next few weeks. So until next time... Keep gaming!

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