Thursday, 28 February 2013

Tomb Raider - First reviews

Tomb Raider is back! Released next Friday, it sees a gritty reboot of the franchise. Gone are the tight shorts and huge boobs of the old Lara. This Lara Croft is meant to be more fragile, more human and the overall feel of the game is one survival. Earlier this week, The embargo lifted and the reviews started flooding out.

The overall impression is very good. Crystal Dynamics have made a very good action game. Combining elements from its other rivals and contemporaries. Borrowing the cinematic feel and sequences from the Uncharted series. Having large open world sections for you to explore and hunt in. Don't worry though, there are still tombs and they still need raiding.

Have a look at some of the reviews below:

Digital Spy

With a well written cast of characters, mightily impressive production techniques, sumptuous visuals, tight platforming and surprisingly enjoyable combat, Tomb Raider is most definitely a release to be treasured. [read more]

Score: 5 Stars


Its expert sense of pacing, captivating setting, and dark tone create a truly memorable experience that's further enhanced by an immense level of detail. Lara croft, the old Lara Croft, is dead. In place of a dolled-up gunslinger is a do-what-it-takes survivor--and we hope she hasn't had her fill of adventuring just yet. [read more]

Score: 4.5 Stars


The single-player campaign here is the main attraction, and it is excellent. It doesn't try to rewrite the book on third-person action adventure games. But with its excellent controls, engaging heroine, thrilling combat, and fascinating setting, it doesn't need to. [read more]

Score: 8.5


Beneath the noise there is an engaging story clamouring to be heard, and there are moments of true beauty, serenity and pathos fighting for attention. The game does get better as it goes on, and despite the distractions the last few hours are a pleasure to play. At the centre of it all is a brilliant character, still iconic but more human and believable than she's ever been before. [read more]

Score 8 out of 10

Finally, the best review I have encountered is from US chat show host and "Clueless Gamer", Conan O'Brien. Take a look below as reviews the game and also shows all the right male emotions towards a Tomb Raider game.

Tomb Raider is out on 5th March on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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