Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Something Sony this way comes!

So tomorrow, the world will be witness to whatever Sony's big #PlayStation2013 announcement and we will finally see the PS4 unleashed to the world. In the run up to the big annoucment, Sony have been going all misty eyed on us. They have been releasing a series of videos looking back at the PlayStation history so far.

Starting with the original PlayStation.

Then the PlayStation 2.

The PlayStation 3.

And finally, PlayStation goes portable.

So what will tomorrow bring? Will the all of the rumours regarding the PlayStation 4 turn out to be true? Will it be the end for retail games, and be all digital downloads and cloud streaming? How does the Vita fit into the PlayStation 4 vision? Will you be able to stream your PS4 games down to your Vita?

Guess we will find out in 24 hours...

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