Friday, 15 February 2013

RocketBirds: Hardboiled Chicken - Review (PS Vita)

Due to the Violent content, this game is not recommended for Little Gamers.

If there is one thing I cannot stand in the world more than anything, its penguins. They are always trying to take over the world. Just take a look at the lot in Madagascar movies, smug little $@#! Now I find out there is a whole army of them trying to destroy the free world. There is only one thing to do.... send in the chicken!

Not just any chicken, a hardboiled chicken. The fowl version of The Expendables in the body of a single bird. The perfect weapon to take on Penguin overlord, Putzki and his legions of penguins soldiers. Armed of an arsenal of weapons and his trusty Jetpack. Can this Chicken prove that he is the Coq of War.

Based on the critically acclaimed browser game, Rocketbirds Revolution, RBHC finally arrives on the Vita in the west after success in Japan as a Playstation Plus exclusive. Featuring an enhanced version of the original game and a wealth of Vita exclusive enhancements, as well. The game is set into two distinct modes, Platform levels and Jet-Pack combat areas. The platform levels see the player shooting bad guys to get keys to allow access to different parts of the bases you are infiltrating. There are some puzzles involved, but these are kept simple to help keep the action flowing. There multiple weapons to unlock in the game and each one has its strengths for certain situations. Later in the game you get to use Brain Bugs, tiny little bugs that allow you to control any enemy troop they land on.

Jet-Pack levels (or JetPaction!) are essentially aerial dogfights with jet-pack equipped enemies. The viewpoint zooms right out for these levels, but not so far that it becomes hard to see on the Vita's screen what is going on. These levels are fast and furious and, if like me, you are prone to just keeping your finger on the fire button, you will find yourself running out of ammo fast. There is quite a skill to be learnt here, lining up your shots and when to thrust seem to be key ones.

The graphics are gorgeous and truly enhanced by running on the Vita's beautiful OLED screen. The art style is cartoony but still quite violent, with blood marking the walls, which makes this unsuitable for children. An option to turn off the blood would of been nice, as the overall visual style really appeals to kids.

One of the standout features of the game is the music. With an entire soundtrack provided by indie rock band, New World Revolution. Its rock fuelled anthems, match the games mood and really gets you stuck in to the mindframe of an unstoppable one-chicken army. Sound effects and voices are also top notch.

Also, apart from the 15 chapter single player game, there is also a 10 chapter co-op game using either local ad-hoc or online internet play options. Taking control or two budgie commandos, both players have to fight their way through 10 levels of oppostion, in order to rescue the generals daughter.

Once again, another game gets its definitive release on the PS Vita and the added portabilty means that you can take it whereever you go. Rocketbirds is a fantasic action game and one that should be in your collection.

Verdict: 8 out of 10

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