Wednesday, 20 February 2013

LIVE - Sony Announcement (Now with added videos)

Ok guys lets go. Here I am in front of a live stream of Sonys big announcement in New York.
 The stage is alight with a cool promo video showing us everything cool that is PlayStation. Wow quite psyched!

Andrew House now takes the stage...

11:05 - The living room is no longer the center of the PlayStation universe, the gamer is. OOOOH Vita mentioned first. Expanding Vita to the Living room!

11:09 - The first mention of PlayStation 4!

11:12 - Mark Cerny takes to the stage to explain more of the technology behind the PS4.

11:15 - Sony talked to developers about what they wanted from Playstation 4. About time!

X86 CPU archietecture, Enhanced PC GPU and 8GB GDDR Fast ram and Fast HDD Storage.

11:19 - The Dual Shock 4 - featuring headphone jack, touch pad, share button and move sensor all being received by a stereo camera light bar.

11:20 - Unreal Engine 4 demo - showing the advantages of the more PC based architecture - very nice.

11:23 - Japan Studio working on Knack - an interesting looking title with an incredible Pixar look and feel.

11:25 - Social aspect allowing players to stream gameplay, look at friends playing titles (a nod to Gaikai). Also you can start playing digital titles before they finish downloading.

11:29 - Deeply Satisfied - Developer Focused - technical design.

11:30 - Here comes Dave Perry and how Gaikai blends into the PS4. With Gaikai in the PlayStation store it will allow you to instantly try any PS4 game before buying and without downloading a lite version.

Teaming up with social network leaders like Facebook and Ustream and integrate in PlayStation Network. Spectating across the network by simply pressing the "Share" button on the controller to start broadcast your gameplay to your PSN friends.

11:36 - HOORAY!! Remote Play built into the PS4 and the PS Vita is the perfect companion device for the PlayStation 4. WOOHOO!

11:39 - PlayStation 3 titles not natively supported, looking at Gaikai to solve this.

11:47 - Arrggh! lost the stream! What did I miss? looks like we are about to see a new Killzone game.

11:52 - Watching this beautiful demo reminds me... I have still got Killzone 2 & 3 sat on my shelf to play. Lets hope this isn't a repeat of the Killzone PS3 demo and actual gameplay!

Loads going on and fantastic detail... All the fragments of glass on the ground caught my eye. . Woah! Pretty amazing Helicopter sequence, rushing through incredbile detailled cityscape.

Killzone: Shadow Fall - Cool title!

11:57 - From cool game name to Drive Club. Hmmm. Evolution Studios are here to deliver their vision of team based racing, with cool real life cars.

Clubs are accessible 24/7 - Race on the console. monitor the challenges from your smartphone/tablet/Vita.
Amazing first person climbing in car animations... really? Not alot to see here at the moment.

12:03 - Think a political activist has invaded the stage, talking about protests, cops and getting tear gassed! Hold on - This is guy is from Sucker Punch, and now he is talking super powers and moral resposibilty. New Infamous game?

And thanks to the stream dropping out I may never find out.

Infamous: Second Son!!

12:09 - Jonathan Blow, creator of Braid is here to represent the indie development community and introduce his new title, The Witness.

First showing of the trailer for this game and it looks beautiful. It also looks like it could make my brain bleed.

12:15 - David Cage from Quantic Dream on stage now. Is there a new Quantic game coming to PS4. I hope its Fahrenheit HD. :)
Turns out the more polygons you can produce on screen the more emotion you achieve. Stunning tech demo, would be interested to see Quantic Dreams first PS4 title, probably in a few years.

12:20 - Alex Evans from Media Molecule talks about the design process in their studio. No sound on the stream, but it looks like they are working on a Move enabled sculpting tool? Then make Move created and controlled puppets! Very impressive! Its like living Muppets! I could see some family fun in this., if it is actually a game, that is.

12:30 - All of the third party publishers and developers are on board for PlayStation 4 (Surprise!)

Capcom show off their successor to the MT Framework engine, codename Panta Rhei. A demo of new ip Deep Down looks amazing. Very much a Dark Souls/ Dragons Dogma vibe here.

12:35 - Square Enix are here to show off not a game but a tech demo running on PS4 hardware. Oooh magic, mystical incantations and terrorist with automatic weapons, all this thing needs is mutant dogs.

oh there they are!
 Judging by the last two demos the PlayStation 4 has extra processing power for dragons.

STOP! Brand director for Final Fantasy on stage! NEW PS4 Final Fantasy game to be revealed at E3!

12:45 - Yves Guilliemot from Ubisoft is here to talk about Watch Dogs.

After a brand new live demo of Watch Dogs and all I can say is wow! It looks amazing and the combination of Free-running and hacking into pratically anything in the game world looks like it could be something incredible.

12:55 - Blizzard have turned up and just announced Diablo III not only for PlayStation 4, but also PlayStation 3. Exciting.

12:57 - You can't have Blizzard without Activision and here they are now. They are here to remind you all that Bungie has a new game, called Destiny and it is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, with exclusive content.

01:00 - And thats that! No pricing or firm release date, just a tentative Holiday 2013. Does this mean Europe will even see the console this year? Maybe Sony might be brave enough to attempt a worldwide launch?

As for the announcement, it was pretty much as expected. I would of like to of seen more of the PS4 to Vita intergration, but I am sure there is plenty of time for that. Now though bedtime...Good night!

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