Monday, 28 January 2013

Ni No Kuni Week - Day 1 - What the heck is a Ni No Kuni anyways?

Namco Bandai launch their latest RPG from Japan this week and it has been a hugely anticipated title by fans of Anime and Gaming alike. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch was originally a Nintendo DS exclusive title released only in Japan in 2010. The PlayStation 3 version launched in Japan in late 2011. Both versions were well received over in Japan and the long wait for a western localisation is almost over.

The land of Ni No Kuni in the game can be translated as "The Second Country" and hints towards the almost parallel existence of people between the real world and Ni Ni Kuni. The story of the game follows 12 year old Oliver, who lives in the town of Motorville. There he and his best friend Phil get up to mischief whilst trying to build their own car. After a accident, in which Oliver is almost killed, his mother Allie dies after rescuing him. Oliver's is consumed by grief and whilst crying over a stuffed toy his mother made for him, a single tear falls onto the toy, bringing it to life.

His toy is actually a fairy by the name of Drippy (voiced by Rhod Gilbert) and he tells Oliver of a magic book that can transport both of them to his homeland of Ni No Kuni, a parallel reality. Drippy says Oliver may be able to find his mother in Ni No Kuni and save her still. So the two embark on a journey to travel to Ni No Kuni and rescue his mother. Along the way Oliver will meet many people and animals that resemble people he knows from Motorville.

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