Tuesday, 11 December 2012

What is The Phantom Pain?

Konami stole the show at the VGA's by showing off a trailer for a new game called, The Phantom Pain. The game is being developed by new studio, Moby Dick Studios, a swedish development studio, headed up by Joakim Mogren as studio head.

The trailer opens with a man waking in a hospital to find he has lost his left arm and has been fitted with a prosthetic hook. He does not have the use of the rest of his body. Then a man with a bandaged face picks him up and leads him through the hospital corridors, just as a group of heavily armed soldiers storm the hospital and start murdering all the patients. Are they after the one armed man? What do they want with him?

Check out the trailer below.

Since seeing this trailer the internet has been buzzing with rumours and speculation about this game. There is evidence that suggests that this game is in fact Metal Gear Solid 5. Here is a few of the best spots so far...

  • Joakim Mogren - Joakim is actually an anagram of Kojima and Mogren is a football club in Montenegro. Montenegro features in the opening of Metal Gear Rising: Revengence.
  • The man with one arm looks very familiar... Snake?

  • How about the Logo for the game could that writing behind the logo?

Well, I guess only time will tell. In the meantime, the trailer was stunning and lets hope we can get to play it sooner rather than later.

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