Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Ragnarok Odyssey and Dokuro for PlayStation Vita this Winter

GungHo Online Entertainment America have confirmed that hack and slash RPG, Ragnarok Odyssey will be heading to European shores this winter on the PS Vita. Along with puzzle platformer, Dokuro. Both of these titles will be avaliable as digital downloads only via the PlayStation Store.

Ragnarok Odyssey has been out in Japan since February 2012 and has sold over 100,00 copies. It is an expansive, quest-based RPG. Players start the game first by creating a character from thousand of combinations of appearence,class and weapons. Then they are unleashed in to the game’s open world environment, exploring a realm in which giants and humans remain in constant conflict.

The game uses an adaptable combat system, in which players can chain their attacks both on the ground and in the air. Scale and brute force collide in Ragnarok Odyssey – giants can literally be smashed clear across the screen and players are given the option to trade in their health points for a boost in speed in agility to tackle particularly Herculean battles.

In Dokuro, players take control of the game’s namesake protagonist, a diminutive skeletal minion of the Dark Lord’s army whose small stature betrays his true strengths. After witnessing the kidnapping of a helpless princess at the hands of his master, Dokuro takes it upon himself to rescue her by battling his way out of the dangerous fortress, escorting her to safety along the way.  Throughout his quest to save the princess, Dokuro will have to brave lethal hazards such as spiked pits, doom-bringing saws, scorching flames and all manner of deadly beasts. While Dokuro’s agility allows him to traverse the castle’s many platforms and pitfalls, at times he must utilize a magic blue potion in order to transform into a dashing hero, who can both carry the Princess to safety and slay the Dark Lord’s followers.

Although, there is no confirmed dates for these titles. It is nice to know that we can look forward to something during these cold winter months.

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