Saturday, 15 December 2012

Come on America! Isn't about time?

Last night, I sat and watched the TV news try to make sense of another maniac gone mad with a high powered gun. This time though it is different, he targeted young children. 20 of them died and 7 adults, including his own mother. This morning, I have woken up and found that this monster (I refuse to use his name) killed his mother at home, then drove to the school she worked at and started shooting children with a .223 calibre rifle. Now for people in Europe the term .223 Calibre rifle means nothing. So lets look at one...

It looks like a gun you would expect to see a soldier carry, not a civilian living a civilised country. There is no way on earth you have a gun like that to hunt deer or rabbits. It is a weapon of war and that is the only place it should belong. Not on the shelves of Walmart.

Now we are left with the speculation of what caused this, why would anyone do this. It is becoming apparent that he may of had a personality disorder (although, that is not confirmed at the time of writing) and it also now emerging that this vile murderer also played video games. Now you are expecting me to go on a 400 word rant defending video games. 

The thing is I can understand why we would blame video games or a possible mental health issue. It is something that allows us to almost justify something so appalling that we cannot comprehend this persons actions. It is an easy answer. It allows to walk away and move on from the horror, even if those directly involved cannot. For example, who can name the man who shot all those people at Batman film, without googling it. 

The point I am trying to make is simply this. Don't you think that the easy answer is not enough. Isn't time America that you looked closely at your constitution and realise that the right to bear arms, should not entitle you to arm yourselves for the Apocalypse. Look at the figures above and lets hope this time you won't let the needless waste of young lives go to waste.

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