Monday, 12 November 2012

Live from the Game Hemel Black Ops 2 launch.

Got here at 11 and  the queue is already out of the shop. I am pleased to see a guy on the door explaining "NO ID, NO COD".
Been given a raffle ticket... I am number 168. Looks like i might be waiting for a while.

11:34 - The Christmas lights are being put up in town. Nice to be reminded of peace and harmony before all this death and destruction.

11:40 - The guys around are deep in tactics discussion. Not about playing the game, but how they are going to stay awake throughbthe night. All legal means by the way.

11:52 - 8 minutes to go... The excitement is... Well not really there at all. I am in a queue outside a shop in November. Maybe getting too old for this.

00:01 - Its released... This been marked by a traditional British stony silence. None of this whooping and hollering like our American cousins.

00:09 - And the lights are on...

00:13 - Not only has the first prestige editon left the store, so has the first 8 year old who had brought Daddy to buy the game for him.

00:26 - And I'm in the shop.

00:50 - Done and dusted.... Everything went very Smoothly. But the queue is still going strong. Thanks to the staff at Game Hemel (@game_hemel). Well done on coping with a new shop and a 200 hundred odd eager gamers!

01:20 - What do you mean 26mb update... screw this I'm off to bed!

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