Friday, 9 November 2012

Grand Theft Auto 5 - The first details emerge.

Last night, the first details of GTA V appeared on the internet via the latest digital edition of Game Informer magazine. The biggest reveal was that you play not one, but three characters. You can switch between them during mission points and at will outside of the mission structure. The trio are the typical Rockstar set of gangsters, hustlers and psychos.

Michael; a retired bank robber in his early 40s who lives in a posh Rockford Hills (a Beverly Hill stand-in) estate with his spiteful trophy wife, bratty teenage daughter and 20 year old son. He's in the witness protection program, but still leads a luxurious life due to an "unconventional deal with the FIB." His money is running dry due to his wife's spending habits, so he inevitably returns to a life of crime.

Trevor; a junkie and ex-military pilot prone to fits of rage. He resides in Blaine County, a desert region full of bikers and meth heads (similar to the area around the Salton Sea). An old friend of Michael's, he joins up for another heist. A hands-off demo showed him set fire to a car just for the hell of it, apparently.

Franklin; a hustler in his mid 20s working for an Armenian car dealership where he plays the role of thuggish repo man. He lives in Vespucci Beach (like Venice Beach), and wants to move up in the world. He comes in contact with Michael after targeting him for a hustle.

Rockstar are really trying to convey the diversity of Los Angeles (Los Santos) in GTA V and do this they have created a game map that is larger than GTA IV, San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption combined! If you try to visualise that in your head, you make your brain bleed so don't try it. Lets just leave it at this, the map is so large you can scuba and explore the ocean floor.

Bicycles are back! As well as Flip Flops! Best of all you can combine the two together. Check it out...

Oh alright! There's Jet Ski's, quad bikes, bi-planes, helicopters, sports cars and fighter jets. I still think you can't beat a gentle ride on a bike through the valleys though.

Of course, we will find out even more next week when the second trailer is released. I would expect this one to detailed at least one of the characters in more detail.

Check back here for the trailer, next Wednesday.


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