Friday, 30 November 2012

Far Cry 3 - Out Today!

Far Cry 3 is released today on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. This game has shot out of nowhere for me. After being a huge fan of the original game (made by Crytek before Crysis), Far Cry 2 was overall disappointing. The move from lush jungles to the deserts of Africa was too much of a change for the series. The open world seemed too vast and littered with enemy check points that re-spawned soldiers making progress very annoying. Whilst, Far Cry 2 has it issues it also introduced some very cool new features. Hacking into mobile phone antennas to get new missions, Safe houses and Upgradable weapons, and the way they introduced a levelling system through recovering from Malaria. The world itself was beautiful and the added wildlife made it into a wonderful ecosystem simulator. The main feature though was fire. Far Cry 2 had the best fire system in the history of gaming. I spent hours in the bush lands setting fire to grass and trees just watch how it spread. If anything it was too ambitious and it failed to find an audience.

Due to the disappointment of Far Cry 2, I had expected the same with Far Cry 3. So imagine my surprise when last week Eurogamer gave it 10 out of 10! Now, having spent 3-4 hours playing the main campaign I honestly think that not only could this be the game of 2012, it could very well be one of the greatest games of this generation!

Ubisoft Montreal have taken all of the best parts of Far Cry and mixed them up with the best bits of Far Cry 2 and the result is gaming heaven. Firstly the game is beautiful on the Xbox, I just wish that my PC was up to the job of running this at Ultra detail. As for the game play, well let me tell you a tale from last nights adventures.

I was driving along in a Jeep and I came across an abandoned farm house. I stopped and inside I found some crates of loot. On my way out, I took a couple of shots at a passing pig, as I needed the pig hide to craft a new weapon holster. As I skinned the pig, I heard a strange sort of growl from the long grass ahead of me. Almost immediately, I was attacked by a bloody 6 foot Komodo dragon. Panicked  I dashed back and riddled the bastard with a full clip of machine gun fire.

Unfortunately for me, a passing enemy patrol was passing nearby and pulled up to investigate the gunfire. The soldiers opened fire on me, as I took cover behind a rock. They soldiers took cover near the farmhouse, only to be savaged by two more Komodo dragons,hiding in the grass. I shot the giant lizards, skinned them and took the patrol Jeep, just as reinforcements turned up to investigate.

This led to chase through dusty jungle roads, which only ended when I ditched the Jeep in the sea and stole a nearby jet ski. Evading the soldiers, by speeding into a series of underground caverns and emerging the other side into freedom. Jumping off the jet ski, I swam for shore and I as pulled myself up on to the beach...

I was attacked and killed by a passing Crocodile.

All that happened in just five glorious minutes.

If that isn't recommendation alone to get yourself down to the game shop at lunchtime and pick up a copy, then there is always this....

Did I mention the Shark punching?

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