Friday, 12 October 2012

Out Today

I love Autumn! The nights start drawing in. The air has a crispness to it as the days start to turn cold. The trees lose their golden leaves.

Oh and there is always loads of cool games out!

This week is no exception as two of the most surprising games of 2012 go head to head. First up is Dishonored. Arkane Studios steam-punk inspired, stealth, first person game is out. Corvo, is a disgraced Royal bodyguard, framed for the murder of the Empress. Corvo breaks out of prison to exact revenge on the people responsible. How he does though is down to the player. In each level, there are multiple ways to complete the task at hand. For example, if you need to kill a target inside a building, you could take the straight forward combat approach. Fight your way through the front door, killing all who stand in your way until you reach your target. Take the Stealth option, sneaking past all of the guards, listening in to their conversations in order to learn more about the target. Eventually, making your way to target and killing him in a way that looks accidental. Then there is the Supernatural route, using your powers of teleportation, telekinesis and possession to achieve your goal.

Depending on how you tackle each mission will decide how the later missions play out. The more brutal you are, the more chaos spreads throughout the city. Therefore, more guards will be dispatched to protect the people you are after. So tread carefully and cling to the shadows, if you want to survive.

Judging by the reviews that are coming in, Dishonored is looking like a good contender for game of the year. Its my pick of the week, when I get to the game shop at lunchtime today.

Although, though that could change. As this week sees the return of a franchise that has been away for too long. XCOM are back and I don't mean the Fifties inspired UFO FPS that 2K Marin are working on for 2013. No this is the original turn based squad strategy game that we all know and love from the Amiga days. Its back and it is getting the reboot treatment from the makers of Civilisation no less.
You know the drill, send your squad in to deal with the alien invaders. Once the squad defeats them, its back to the XCOM base. The base acts as a early warning centre and research outpost. So get the scientists researching alien technology and won't be long until your squads are kitted out with laser games and jet packs.

The demo I have played is amazing and manages to capture the feel of the original game, whilst moving it forward in to the current generation of gaming. I have to admit, I was very dubious about this coming to consoles, but Firaxis have managed to get the feel right even for the joypad generation.

So what to buy? Well... both to be honest, if you are made of money. I think, Dishonored is my purchase this week, with XCOM having to wait until I have the time to dedicate to it.

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