Saturday, 20 October 2012

Get up to speed with the Creed!

I make no secret of the fact that I think the Assassins Creed series has been the highlight of this generation. I loved the idea, the story and the visuals from the moment I stepped into the shoes of Altair. Even though the first game was critically panned, I feel in love with it and even though it had its issues and problems, it felt like the next generation.  The detail of the cities was incredible and like Rockstar had done with the GTA series it wasn't the characters, but the cities that were the star of the show.

Thankfully, Ubisoft Montreal listened to the criticisms and when Ezio Auditiore da Firenze made his appearance in late 2009, it was to critical acclaim. Assassins Creed II was an amazing game and this time, the main character was the star. Following the early life of Ezio made you care more about him and his quest for personal vengeance. The move from the Holy Lands of the Crusades to Renaissance Italy was an inspired move and meant that the cities were as detailed as ever whilst still being fun to traverse.

Two sequels have spawned since them, turning Ezio's tale into trilogy and following the course of his life. The last game Revelations, saw the stories of both Altair and Ezio cross together. Whilst also it was interesting to see how the young hero of the earlier games performed in his fifties. I haven't actually finished Revelations yet. This is because I have found it hard to say goodbye to a character that has defined a generation for me.

So with Assassins Creed III just a week and a half away and the introduction of new time period and two new main characters, Connor and Aveline. Connor heads up the main game and Aveline is the star of PS Vita exclusive (and reason I own a Vita), Assassins Creed III: Liberation. From I have played in demo form of these two titles, Ubisoft Montreal have a couple of masterpieces on their hands. Assassins Creed III on the home consoles and PC looks gorgeous and the new Anvil engine is huge step forward for the series and addition of naval warefare, whilst seeming an odd choice for a series based on stealth and assassination, works really well and has to be seen in action.

As for AC III: Liberation on the Vita, it s the full blown Creed experience in you pocket. I was very sceptical about this title for a long time. Previews and gameplay videos did not help to alleviate my worries that the game would not live up to my expectations and capabilities of the Sony pocket wonder. It wasn't until I got play it at EG Expo last month that I could lay fears to rest. Liberation does everything that an Assassins Creed game should do and it looks gorgeous on the Vita's beautiful 5" OLED screen. For those of us lucky enough to own both a PS3 and a Vita the two games link up to unlock special items and levels in the Vita game.

So with just 12 days to go, you have time to clear your diaries and tell friends and family that you aren't available for a week after the 31st October. Just tell them you are studying American History for a course you are doing. Just don't get caught climbing onto the roof of house.

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