Thursday, 13 September 2012

Ecolibrium – Out today on Vita

After the success of the wacky "Frobisher Says" on the Vita, Sony promised more titles for their "Discovery Apps" series. Today sees the release of the second title to fit into this category, Ecolibrium (see what they did there).

Ecolibrium is a real-time eco-system simulator and the aim of the game is create and maintain balance in your world. By selecting which plants and creatures to live in your eco-system you have the power to create an ecological nirvana or an eco-nightmare. The game uses extensive use of the Vita's Near functionality. Players can acquire new animals via hunting in their own worlds or via GPS. Exile unwanted creatures to Near and they will roam onto another players Vita.

Also, if you want an specific animal, you can check out the online auction house. Take part in multiplayer challenges and see where you stand in the global leaderboards. The trailer below shows off the amount of features and the gameplay you can expect from this interesting looking title.

Oh, one more thing. It's free!

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