Monday, 10 September 2012

Disneyland Kinect Vs Disneyland Paris

I am currently still recovering from a 4 day trip to Disneyland Paris. We got back a week ago and still feel a twinge in my legs when I have to get up or move. Both Little Gamers had an a amazing time (especially since I told them we going to Bernard's Heath to stay in Saxon mud huts) and are still on a high from the whole trip.

As soon as we entered the park on the first day, Lady BG realised that she was at home. What am I talking about. I am talking about the fact that  until you go to a Disney park you do not realise what an amazing game Disneyland Adventures on the Kinect really is. When we first got the game at Christmas, I was surprised to find it was not a soulless collection of mini games. Instead it was an amazing open world adventure with a recreation of the actual park. The cynic in me thinks that Disney have the master plan to creating theme parks and they use the same template all over the world.

Really though, it is a testament to the developers over at Frontier Developments. They have been able to recreate the Disneyland experience to the degree that Lady BG knew exactly where she was and where she had previously met characters. It also meant that she was able to navigate the rest of us around the park without the need for a map. She even was using her experiences of playing the Kinect games based on the rides to decide if she wanted to go on the real ride. This lead to her not wanting to go on the Peter Pan's Flight ride, as she can't beat the pirate at the end. Cue, big discussion about the difference between Video Games and real life.

Now that we are home again, the Little Gamers are back on the Kinect. Now though the game has changed. They are using it to revisit the places and things they saw at the park and also trying new things in the game, like trying to see the parade.

I would honestly say that Disneyland Adventures has been the best Kinect experience we have and has made my Little Gamers very happy indeed. I would really recommend this to anyone who has taken their little ones to Disney, as they live the magic again and again.

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