Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Borderlands 2 - The scores are in

The reviews are coming in thick and fast for Borderlands 2 and they all seem to agree that this one kick-ass sequel that improves on the original whilst not betraying the originals gameplay.

A quick glance at Metacritic sees a growing collection of positve reviews. Have a look at some of these below:

The Guardian (5 Stars) - Pandora feels more like an actual place than a virtual battleground, thanks to Gearbox's attention to detail in this game...I mean, when was the last time you cared about the name of any gun manufacturer in any shooter you played recently? Listen, I've played the heck out of the COD: MW titles, and I've used a TAR-21 more times than I care to mention, but I couldn't tell you who manufactured it... The gun-makers in Borderlands 2 don't even exist, for goodness sake, and I'm already brand-loyal to one of them. Full Review

G4 TV (5 out of 5) - Borderlands 2 is a better game than Borderlands in every imaginable way. Scoff at anyone who calls it a v1.5 update; this is really what a sequel should be. At the most basic level, you've got the same great experience that the 2009 game offered, only with much more depth and variety. Full Review

GameTrailers (9.2) - The story in Borderlands 2 is by far the biggest improvement. The humor and over-the-top style that was merely glimpsed in the first game are ever-present here. Strong personalities drive the experience from beginning to end, whether it's Claptrap's sense of self-importance, Tiny Tina's hyperactivity, or Handsome Jack's spiteful annoyance. Full Review

Edge Magazine (9 out of 10) - Borderlands 2 might not develop extensively on its forebear, but it has even greater power to hold you for hours on end, deftly weaving RPG stat development with skill-based play. It's enough to make every decision you make meaningful and fun, and lend the realisation that Gearbox knows more about the fundamentals of the shooter than almost any other developer. Full Review

games(TM) (8 out of 10) - We also take some issue with Borderlands 2's sense of humour. While it's welcome, it draws so frequently on up-to-the-minute memes that it becomes hard to remain immersed in an experience supposedly taking place in the distant future, on a remote planet, and among people who have no reason to understand the significance of an arrow in the knee. Most of it's just not that funny. Full Review

More reasons to be excited about Friday. If you cannot wait that long though you can always play the amazing 8-bit de-make, The Border Lands.

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