Thursday, 13 September 2012

Borderlands 2 - Its only out next week!

I cant believe that we are only a week away from a return trip to everyone's favourite wasteland planet, Pandora. The original game rejuvenated the FPS market, that was filled with military shooters. It added new elements like levelling, skill trees and most importantly... loot.

Borderlands 2 brings all of that back and more, with a customizable weapons system, reworked four-seat drift-able vehicles. Dynamic quests now feature in the game. For example, taking too much time to save a friend in a quest may result in their death, which will affect the story as the player progresses. Technically, the game world is now all connected, rather than the loadable levels for each region from the first.

The four Vault Hunters from the first are no longer playable characters and instead we are introduced to their new counterparts. Salvador the Gunzerker, Maya the Siren, Zer0 the Assassin and Axton the Commando. As with the first Borderlands, each character has their own specialisation and skill trees. The Gunzerker can dual-wield any weapon, the Siren can suspend enemies in a energy bubble, the Assassin can make himself invisible for short periods and the Commando can deploy a turret to assist in a fire-fight.

Pandora has changed as well, with players being to explore new regions. From the arctic tundra, through the dangerous grasslands, past the mysterious corrosive caverns. There is also a moon base, although I don't know if the adventure will take players to it. Would be very cool though.

Also, don't forget that there is 87 Bazillion of Everything: Not just guns but now, procedurally generated shields,grenades, alien artifacts, class mods and much, much more are on offer for your loot lust.

Anyway enough of me, How about a video introduction from the owner of Pandora's Tundra Express , Sir Hammerlock!

Don't forget now... Only 7 more days until you can Joy-puke your face off!

Borderlands 2 is available on 21st September on PC,PS3 and Xbox 360

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